Bush Fire

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  1. Learning objects

    M012434 CFA: am I at risk?

    • Published 11/07/2013
    • TLF-ID M012434

    This is an online resource that describes four different areas of habitation and provides a list of points for each area describing what to expect in the event of a bushfire, to assist people to understand their level of risk. The four areas of habitation are: close to or among grass or paddocks, close to or among forest and woodlands, near coastal scrub and where suburbs meet the bush or grasslands. This resource is provided by Country Fire Authority (CFA) Victoria.

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  2. Learning objects

    M012433 CFA: bushfire interactive

    • Published 27/08/2018
    • TLF-ID M012433

    This is an interactive resource containing a game, interactive simulations, detailed information and links to other useful information on bushfire readiness, including a downloadable fire plan. It consists of three sections - Fire risk, How a fire behaves and Fire safety - covering topics such as fire danger rating, radiant heat, ember attack, fire spread, topograph, and fire safety and awareness. This resource was designed by Country Fire Authority (CFA) Victoria and includes instructions in text and audio, and an accessible version.

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  3. Text

    M012450 Bushfire education: bushfire myth busters

    • Published 08/03/2017
    • TLF-ID M012450

    This is a downloadable fact sheet which aims to dispel popular myths about bushfires, with 13 myths grouped into three themes: learning about bushfires, preparing for bushfires and responding to bushfires. Each myth contains a brief description of evidence that discounts the particular misconception about bushfire safety. This resource is part of the Bushfire Education website developed by Education Services Australia on behalf of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

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  4. Video

    M015846 Preparing for a bushfire

    • Published 11/12/2013
    • TLF-ID M015846

    How should you prepare for a bushfire? Watch this clip to discover how two different families prepared for the 2006 Victorian bushfires that hit their town. Find out how the children participated in the fire plan and helped keep their family and house safe.

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  5. Video

    M015968 Ecological effects of bushfires

    • Published 11/12/2013
    • TLF-ID M015968

    Did you know that Australia is the most flammable continent on Earth? Watch this clip to discover how bushfires impact natural ecosystems, and how the increasing global threat of bushfires may affect Australia. Australian scientists explain the ecological consequences of fire and a US expert describes his concerns for the future.

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  6. Video

    M015744 Australian bushfires, past and present

    • Published 11/12/2013
    • TLF-ID M015744

    How did firefighters fight bushfires in the past? Watch this short black-and-white clip showing footage of firefighters in action against the 1939 Black Friday bushfires. Find out about the challenge posed by the fires of today.

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