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Amazing nanomedibots

Did you know that the cells in our bodies are full of tiny living nanobots? Researchers are exploring how they can create minuscule medical tools delivered as pills that could heal and cure people who swallow hem. Watch as a scientific animator shows how molecules within our bodies work and how the nano tools of the future ...

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Animated filmmaker

Josh is a young filmmaker who creates fantastic special effects and animation for his low-budget productions. He is inspired by the work of professionals in the industry. As you will see in this clip, Josh gets the once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet his special effects hero, Douglas Trumball.


Shaun Tan's The Lost Thing

This is a very rich resource for students from the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), which gives them an insight into the art of Shaun Tan through a focus on both the book and the film of The Lost Thing. The content focuses on aspects of storytelling, including themes, techniques, forms and language, visual, ...


Triunial magic lantern, 1891

This is a triunial magic lantern - a slide projector with three individual projection systems integrated into one unit. Each system has an illuminant, a slide holder and a telescopic barrel containing glass lenses. Originally, the magic lantern was illuminated by oxyhydrogen (limelight), but at some stage all three projection ...

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Add sound to your animation: item 3 of 3

This is a resource that focuses on techniques used by Foley artists and how they are applied to create a soundtrack for a simple animation or film. It contains two activities: Let's learn what a Foley artist does; and How to create a sound score for your animation. Each activity features a video of musician Chris Lewis ...

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I am at the beach: excerpts from Tim Winton's 'The Land's Edge'

The resource is a video of people reminiscing about their pleasurable experiences of going to the beach. The beach is a common theme in the life experience and stories of Australian writer Tim Winton (b1960). The video introduces numerous text excerpts from Winton's story 'The Land's Edge'. There is also a transcript of ...


The shoot

This resource is a web page that gives advice to potential filmmakers on running the shoot. It explains decisions about film format and camera choice and provides a brief overview of cinematography, including framing and composition, and camera distance, angles and movement. Film continuity, the 180-degree rule, lighting ...


Production: the shoot

This resource is a PDF that gives advice to potential filmmakers on running the shoot. It explains decisions about production style, film format and camera choice, and provides a detailed overview of cinematography and mise en scène, including framing and composition; depth of field; and camera distance, angles and movement. ...

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This is the front page of the Animation section of ACMI's Generator website, from which a range of resources about animation can be accessed. An overview of the history of animation is provided that refers to flip books, animal characters, drawn animation, computerised animation and stop-motion animation. This page acts ...

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Adam Elliot on the importance of story

This is a video clip showing animator Adam Elliot talking about 'clayography', a term he coined to describe his clay biographies. The video is one of several on the Learn from the makers - animation section of ACMI's Generator website. Adam explains why he prefers stop-motion animation to CGI animation and emphasises the ...

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Adam Elliot on the director as circus ringmaster

This video resource is one of several found on the Learn from the makers - animation section of the ACMI Generator website. The video shows animator Adam Elliot talking about his role during the pre-production and production stages of creating 'Mary and Max'. He describes the 6-8 month pre-production period and the decisions ...

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Adam Elliot on the animation process

This video resource shows animator Adam Elliot talking about the animation process in making 'Mary and Max'. It is one of several found on the Learn from the makers: animation section of the ACMI Generator website. Adam Elliot describes drawing over 200 characters and then entrusting their creation to a team of sculptors. ...

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Using visual language to represent status

Have you ever felt judged because of where you live? This clip from 1967 explores the reactions of residents to a survey that ranks Melbourne's suburbs. But is this clip as guilty as the survey for reinforcing particular views of these places? You be the judge.

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The slow sizzle of SFX

Without the benefit of visual images, audio texts often rely on sound effects to create a mood or to position the audience, sometimes without their realising it. Analyse how Rafiqua Fattah's sound effects affect you as you listen to her Heywire audio story, which presents her perspectives on life as an Australian who is ...

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Testing, one, two, three

Our world is so full of noise that successfully capturing sound can be difficult. ABC Open's Leandro Palacio has four key tips for recording good quality sound in different locations and with a range of equipment.

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Postcard from Uluru

Many texts explore the connection people have to a particular place. In this clip, explore the beauty and majesty of Uluru and learn about the significance this sacred place holds for many Australians. Notice how visual language can be used to reinforce these ideas.

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A long history of planet Mars

Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun, is a cold, dry, desert-like place with a thin atmosphere and no signs of existing water or life. However, evidence suggests that its surface might once have looked very different, and that it possibly contained bodies of water. Watch this animation showing what Mars may have looked ...

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A long history of the Moon

The Moon is a familiar object in the night sky and impacts life on Earth as it orbits our planet. Watch this animation showing how the moon has changed since its formation 4.5 billion years ago. See how the Moon's surface altered over time as volcanoes and asteroids created the basins and craters present on the Moon today.

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Bringing cinema to life: the art of projection

Imagine yourself in a darkened cinema. The lights are off, it's quiet and you are caught up in the story of a good film. Now imagine the work that has to be done by the projectionist for your viewing pleasure. Before they could be projected onto the screen, up to five separate rolls of film had to be joined together. This ...

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Finding an audience for digital art

Are festivals, galleries and exhibitions outdated and ineffective compared to the opportunities presented to artists online? Paul Robertson's animations are seen by millions at the click of a mouse. The distribution and 'exhibition' of his work raises questions about the traditional mechanisms of the art world.