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Listed under:  Technologies  >  Design  >  Product testing
Listed under:  Arts  >  Design  >  Product testing
Interactive resource

Fashion design: quality control

Test the properties of four fabrics for a fashion design company. Review a lab test summary table. Examine the structure of the table and words used. Match scientific terms to everyday words. Build a graphic interpretation of the text by adding simple icons. Identify two fabrics which meet the agency's needs. Choose conclusions ...


Coal analysis

This is a colour photograph of a machine used to analyse the amount of moisture and ash in coal. The machine's detector, in the top right-hand corner of the picture, can continually analyse the amount of moisture and ash in coal on a moving belt. Next to the machine is a man in a hard hat who is taking readings.


Birth of a Car, c1948: 'An Australian car is born'

This black-and-white clip shows a Holden FX, the first mass-produced Australian-made car, being assembled on a production line at the Holden plant at Fishermens Bend in Victoria in 1948. It shows the sedan body being fitted with the front and rear axles and components such as the six-cylinder motor, before the car goes ...