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Skyway Express, c1948: 'Take time by the forelock'

This clip shows part of the promotional travelogue 'Skyway Express'. It begins with opening credits followed by an introductory text roll-up promoting the speed and luxury of travelling to London by air. The clip shows the first leg of a journey from Sydney to London with a scheduled stopover in Darwin on a DC-3 passenger plane.


Lonely Hearts, 1981: The lady in question

This clip shows Peter Thompson (Norman Kaye), a middle-aged man, at a dating agency. The consultant at the agency asks him some personal details. Her coworker enters, pretending to look for a file on Patricia Curnow. When Peter sees Patricia's photo and it is suggested that they would make a good match, Peter is concerned ...


Laurie McInnes and Jane Campion, 1984

This is a black-and-white photograph taken on the set of the short drama 'After Hours' showing cinematographer Laurie McInnes (at left) and director and writer Jane Campion at work. 'After Hours' is a film about sexual harassment, and was produced by the Women's Film Unit at Film Australia in 1984.


Production: getting started

This is a printable PDF that provides information about the pre-production stage of filmmaking. The resource gives an overview of the pre-production stage of filmmaking and guides potential filmmakers through several key steps in this stage: developing the idea, brainstorming, identifying the target audience, selecting ...

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This is the front page of the Animation section of ACMI's Generator website, from which a range of resources about animation can be accessed. An overview of the history of animation is provided that refers to flip books, animal characters, drawn animation, computerised animation and stop-motion animation. This page acts ...

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Adam Elliot on the animation process

This video resource shows animator Adam Elliot talking about the animation process in making 'Mary and Max'. It is one of several found on the Learn from the makers: animation section of the ACMI Generator website. Adam Elliot describes drawing over 200 characters and then entrusting their creation to a team of sculptors. ...

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Rolf de Heer on 'Ten canoes' and Peter Djigirr

This video resource shows Director Rolf de Heer talking about his preference for low-budget films and the creative freedom that this affords. It is one of several found on the Learn from the makers: directing section of the ACMI Generator website. In the video he outlines the important role his passionate co-director, and ...

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Rolf de Heer on working with an Indigenous community

This video resource shows director Rolf de Heer talking about working with Yolngu people in the Ramingining region of Arnhem Land during pre-production of his film 'Ten canoes'. It is one of several resources found on the Learn from the makers: directing section of the ACMI Generator website. In the video, he discusses ...