Dance / Year 9 and 10

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Curriculum content descriptions

Perform dances using genre- and style-specific techniques and expressive skills to communicate a choreographer’s intent (ACADAM024)

  • performing dances with an awareness of a choreographer’s intent and style, including contemporary Australian choreographers such as Frances Rings or Stephen Page (Bangarra Dance Theatre)
  • Considering viewpoints – cultures: For example – What culturally symbolic movements are evident in this dance?
  • refining confidence, clarity of the movement, projection and focus to communicate the choreographer’s intent
  • manipulating the elements of dance in performance to interpret a choreographer’s style and intent in contemporary styles, such as Aboriginal hip hop
  • identifying and refining expressive skills in performance, and selecting appropriate expressive skills to sensitively connect with varying social and cultural contexts and audiences
  • Considering viewpoints – societies: For example – How does the dance relate to the social context in which it was created?
General capabilities
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
ScOT terms

Movement sequences,  Dance genres,  Artistic purpose

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