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Understand some first elements of French grammar, such as simple verb and gender forms, definite articles, pronouns and prepositions

[Key concepts: words, sentences, grammar, patterns, rules; Key processes: recognising, naming, selecting]


  • understanding the French subject-verb-object structure (je mange la pomme; tu as le cahier) and the different patterns of adjective-noun order, with some adjectives coming before and some coming after the noun (le beau manteau, la grande école, le papillon rose)
  • noticing and using definite and indefinite articles in singular or plural forms (for example, la fille, le concert, les croissants; un chapeau, une chaise, des amis), including the l’ form for nouns beginning with a vowel or letter h, for example, l’hiver, l’école
  • becoming aware of grammatical gender, noticing and using masculine or feminine forms of nouns and adjectives, for example, le chien, la maison, le petit garçon, la petite fille, le copain, la copine
  • using appropriate pronouns to identify people, for example, Je m’appelle Adam, et toi, tu t’appelles comment? C’est lui?
  • recognising and using some prepositions in simple sentence structures, for example, elle est devant la maison, je suis sous la chaise
  • developing number knowledge for numbers 0–20 and ordinals (premier, deuxième)
  • responding to and using simple imperative verb forms, for example, viens ici! écoutez bien!
  • using singular forms of common verbs in the present tense (for example, je suis chinois, tu as trois frères, il aime le football, Papa est grand) and some forms of irregular verbs such as aller, venir and faire
  • using simple questions and statements, for example, Qu’est-ce que c’est? Qui est-ce? Tu t’appelles comment? C’est un poisson. Je préfère les fraises
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
ScOT terms

Verbs,  Pronouns,  Prepositions,  French language,  Articles (Grammar)

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