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Hindi / Year 7 and 8 / Understanding / Systems of language

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Curriculum content descriptions

Identify correspondence between individual and combined elements of spoken and written Hindi, such as pronunciation of consonant clusters or the pronunciation and spelling of English words used in Hindi

[Key concepts: syntax, prefixes, suffixes, word derivation; Key processes: recognising, analysing]


  • recognising individual elements of spoken and written words, phrases and non-verbal forms of expression and noticing how they combine to make or to change meaning
  • recognising how words can be formed from base words, and understanding how prefixes and suffixes change the meaning of words, for example, जीव, सजीव, जीवंत, understanding the impact this has on pronunciation
  • recognising and identifying how to pronounce and spell loan words commonly used in Hindi from Persian and Arabic, such as क़ानून, फ़ालतू, and from English, such as ट्रेन, स्टेशन, स्कूल
  • recognising and understanding the impact on Hindi pronunciation and spelling in Devanagari of Sanskrit words (tatsam words) and of derived forms (tadbhav words), understanding that both forms can be used in different contexts; for example, क्षेत्र for ‘field’ in an abstract sense and खेत for a field for farming
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
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