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Modern Greek / Year 9 and 10 / Communicating / Translating

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Curriculum content descriptions

Create bilingual texts that draw on Greek and English for different purposes, such as menus or product instructions designed for both language contexts

[Key concepts: interpretation, equivalence, bilingualism; Key processes: creating, translating, interpreting]


  • creating a range of bilingual texts to entertain and inform others, such as video clips, cartoons, posters and brochures
  • creating a shared website with a group of Greek-speaking students, posting items of interest, comments and questions in Greek and English
  • creating a storyboard outline which brings familiar English-speaking characters to Greek-speaking worlds and contexts, such as Harry Potter as your tour guide in Athens or Nicosia
  • creating a glossary of key vocabulary and expressions used in informative and persuasive texts, such as promotional material, Μη χάσετε, Τελευταία προσφορά
  • creating bilingual captions for tourist attractions in Greece, Cyprus or Australia to explain their significance and cultural references, for example, bush, beach, το Αιγαίο, Πέτρα του Ρωμιού, Άγιον Όρος
  • creating bilingual texts to give information and instructions to others, for example, a bilingual brochure about the school for a visiting group of exchange students
  • creating a menu in Greek with footnotes in English about the ingredients
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
  • ICT capability Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability
ScOT terms

Greek language

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