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Turkish / Foundation to Year 2 / Communicating / Socialising

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Curriculum content descriptions

Participate in guided activities such as songs, games, tasks and transactions, using movement, gestures, pictures and concrete materials to support meaning-making

[Key concepts: play, performance, action learning; Key processes: participating, playing, describing]


  • participating in activities that involve taking turns, making choices or swapping items, such as games used to reinforce number and memory skills, for example, Jale sıra sende. Şimdi benim sıram. Bu benim. Bu senin. Bu Deniz’in. Kaç top var?
  • participating in songs, poems and chants, such as counting or rhyming games, singing and performing actions, for example, Mini mini bir kuş donmuştu, Çan çan çikolata, Sağ elimde beş parmak, Kutu kutu pense, El ele verin çocuklar
  • participating in tasks that involve exchanging objects and classifying attributes such as shapes, colours and numbers, using simple question forms and affirmative/negative responses, for example, Ben kırmızı karelerle çatı yapacağım. Yeşil dairelerle ağaç yapalım. Ben sarı üçgenleri istemiyorum. Sende pembe dikdörtgen var mı? Hayır, yok. Mavi var
  • creating and describing pictures or crafted items, for example, Pamuktan kardan adam yapalım. Düğmelerden göz yapalım. Burnuna turuncu çubuk koyalım.
  • following instructions by moving around or by locating or moving objects in the classroom, for example, Kurşun kalemi masanın üstüne koy. Pencerenin yanındaki sandalyeye otur. Resmi arkadaki duvara as.
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
ScOT terms

Turkish language

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