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Identify common spoken Turkish expressions, words or gestures that translate/do not translate readily into English and words that are used in both languages

[Key concepts: equivalence, translation; Key processes: comparing, translating, explaining]


  • translating and comparing familiar Turkish and English expressions, using bilingual and monolingual dictionaries and identifying those that have no literal translation, such as başın sağolsun, darısı başına, güle güle kullan, gözün aydın, hoş bulduk, Allahaısmarladık
  • translating and matching words to describe family members and relatives in Turkish and English, finding examples of words that have no English equivalents, such as dayı/amca/enişte, hala/yenge/teyze, ağabey/abla
  • collecting and classifying words, phrases and expressions in Turkish that also exist in English, such as TV, radyo, prens, prenses, identifying any differences in meaning or usage, for example, kiosk – köşk, Ottoman – Osmanlı
  • playing matching pair games to reinforce Turkish and English words and phrases used in everyday conversations, for example, ev ile ilgili kelimeler, yiyecekler, nesneler, haftanın günleri, aylar ve mevsimler, sorting the matched pairs into groups based on equivalence or non-equivalence
  • identifying expressions, words and phrases in Turkish children’s songs, poems and storybooks which have no direct English equivalents, using dictionaries to work out ‘best fit’ translations, for example, from the stories of Hacıvat ve Karagöz, the words sadaka and mirasyedi in Dilenci Hacıvat, the phrase avucunu yalamak in Parayı Kim Buldu?, the expression Ellerin dert görmesin in the children’s song Postacı
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
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