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Music profile: Maupower

This is a resource profiling Patrick Mau (aka Maupower among others), a Torres Strait born singer-songwriter and hip-hop artist. The resource includes: a summary of this career; a publicity shot; a 'Deadly sounds' video clip from the deletion series 'Move it mob style'; and a 'Listen up' audio of his experimental energy ...

Teacher resource

Asia-pop music

This is an online module consisting of teacher notes, three stimulus resources and student activities that explore the origins and elements of pop music in China, South Korea and Japan; and its influence on global popular culture. The teacher notes provide additional online resources and pedagogical advice. The stimulus ...

Interactive Resource

SmartMusic - iTunes app

Practise reading notation and rehearse voice and various instruments with this interactive music learning software that has an extensive library of sheet music.It provides accompaniment to performances with backing tracks. Record and listen to your performance and loop difficult passages.Free when reviewed 28/5/2015


Music profile: Cassandra Williams

This is a resource profiling singer-guitarist Cassandra Williams from Hermannsburg in the Northern Territory. The resource comprises: an introduction to her musical career and family connections to well-known Aboriginal musicians including the renowned Gus Williams; the cover image of her 2009 album 'Desert Pop Lock and ...


Music profile: The Last Kinection

This is a resource profiling The Last Kinection (TLK), the multi-award-winning Aboriginal hip-hop band from Newcastle, New South Wales. The band members are Kabbi Kabbi siblings, Joel Wenitong (Weno) and Naomi Wenitong (Nay), and their longtime friend Jacob Turier (DJ Jaytee). The resource consists of: an introduction to ...


Music profile: Knowledge Bones

This is a resource profiling Knowledge Bones (aka Black Dundee), a hip-hop artist and MC based in Perth. The resource includes: an introduction to his musical career; a publicity shot; and a ‘Listen up’ audio of his autobiographical rap ‘Too deadly’. The introduction describes him as ‘in the class of Australian hip-hop ...

Teacher resource

Soundscapes: you call that music?

This is a resource that focuses on creating soundscapes and music using Audacity software. It includes two videos that provide a guide to creating compositions from pre-recorded sounds and applying techniques to edit and manipulate sounds for different effects; teacher notes; four activity sheets, including a guide to presenting ...


Music profile: The Deadly Boyz (TDB)

This is a resource profiling Noongar cousins Stinga T and Big Sexy who are the hip-hop group, The Deadly Boyz, based in Adelaide and Perth. The resource consists of an introduction to their musical development, their gigs and debut album, and a ‘Listen up’ audio of their hip-hop rap ‘True Nyoongar’. The introduction describes ...


Music profile: Jimblah

This is a resource profiling Jimblah, an independent hip-hop artist, MC, writer and producer, and member of the Larrakia, Yanyuwa, Bardi and Wardaman nations. The resource consists of: a publicity shot; a short introduction to the influences on his music, range of gigs, Hilltop Hoods Award and debut album; a 'Listen up' ...


Music profile: Brothablack

This is a resource profiling Brothablack (Shannon Williams), a pioneering Aboriginal hip-hop artist and actor from Punchbowl in Sydney. The resource includes: an introduction to his career; a publicity shot; a ‘Deadly sounds’ video clip from the television series ‘Move it mob style’; and a ‘Listen up’ audio of his breakthrough ...


Music profile: Street Warriors

This is a resource profiling Street Warriors (Awabakal brothers Abie and Warwick Wright - aka Predator and Wok), a pioneering and well-known Aboriginal hip-hop group from Newcastle. The resource includes: a summary of their career; a publicity shot; a 'Deadly sounds' video clip from the television series 'Move it mob style'; ...


Music profile: Wire MC

This is a resource profiling Wire MC, a Gumbayngirri hip-hop musician and rap lyricist from Bowraville in New South Wales. The resource includes a colour photograph, an introduction to his musical career, and 'Listen up' audio of his 2008 single 'Bring it on' and the title track from his 2009 album 'Whossat on da wotsat'. ...


Music profile: Tjimba and the Yung Warriors

This is a resource profiling Melbourne-based Tjimba and the Yung Warriors, an Aboriginal hip-hop and rap group, featuring Anmatyerre and Yorta Yorta musician Tjimba Possum Burns, his Yorta Yorta brother Narjic Day Burns and Anmatyerre cousin Danny Ramzan. The resource includes: an introduction to Tjimba and Danny and their ...

Interactive Resource

Figure - iTunes app

Create songs using this music production software that gives you drums, bass and lead synth. Choose your key and tempo, types of drums and rhythm, range, scale steps, pitch options for lead and bass. Can mix and save to app or sign up and share compositions on the developer's website. Free when reviewed 28/5/2015

Interactive Resource


This is a free application for the iPad and iPhone with a kaleidoscopic touchpad interface that enables the user to create and control music tracks without any previous musical experience. It features: samples of a range of music styles; a basic sound mixer including controls for tone, tempo and reverb; and the ability ...

Interactive Resource

The Whitlams meet the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

The Whitlams meet the Sydney Symphony Orchestra was produced through a partnership between the Sydney Opera House and the NSW Department of Education (then the NSW Department of Education and Training). It consists of an interview (divided into eight video clips) with Tim Freedman from The Whitlams and conductor Ben Northey ...

Teacher resource

What is a Symphony Orchestra?

This set of resources introduces students to the instruments in a symphony orchestra and supports development of skills in aural identification of instrumental timbre. Conductor Richard Gill AO and musicians from the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra introduce woodwind, brass, string and percussion instruments in a video resource. ...

Interactive Resource


This is a free application for the iPad that focuses on creating electronic dance and hip-hop music tracks in real time using a virtual sound-mixing board. It features: eight tracks; 120 loops from a large loop library including drums, bass, bass-drums, lines, pads, percussion and effects; a multitouch interface with slide ...

Interactive Resource

Meeting the Sun

An interactive music lesson where students will meet renowned Australian composer Elena Kats-Chernin and learn about her inspirations for composing and creating new works. Students will explore various stories and poems written by some of our incredible Anzac heroes and experience a performance of Elena’s Anzac inspired ...

Moving Image

Jogja hip-hop reaches birthplace of hip-hop

This is an article about the impact and influence of hip-hop music on the youth of Yogyakarta in Java, Indonesia. The author highlights the strengths of a globalised hip-hop culture to nurture young Indonesian artists who incorporate Javanese colloquial language into their lyrics. There is also a video clip of performance ...