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Inanimate Alice: digital assets

This is a rich collection of downloadable digital resources relating to the ‘Alice in Australia’ photo stories, designed for use in student activities. For each episode in the series the resources include: versions of the story that can be printed in full or with only pictures or words so that students can write or draw ...


Inanimate Alice suggested activities: an audio story

This is a one-page document with suggested activities relating to 'An audio story', the seventh 'Alice in Australia' photo story. Students write and record an audio story incorporating the sounds that Alice and her friends collect for a similar task. Additional activities focus on how to use podcasts to share sound recordings ...


Inanimate Alice photo story 7: an audio story

This is a multimodal text that imaginatively combines short chunks of print with photos, drawings and bright computer-style graphics, and also includes a variety of recorded sounds. The first-person narrative focuses on a homework task of creating an audio story, which Alice is working on with the help of her friends Carol ...