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Australian colonial involvement in the Sudan conflict of 1885

This collection of eight digital curriculum resources focuses on the decision by the colony of New South Wales to send troops to support Britain in the 1885 Sudan War. It is organised into three categories - the NSW troops; the Sudan War as a catalyst for nationalism and imperialism; and ridicule of the British Empire and ...


Enlistment and recruitment in the First World War

This is a collection of nine resources focusing on the means used to increase enlistments during the First World War. In some views the collection is presented in six categories - enlistment posters, recruitment films, tours, parades, pressure to enlist, and enlistment and recruitment overall. It includes photographs, telemovie ...


Effects of World War I in Australia

This is a collection of 22 digital curriculum resources about the effects of World War I in Australia. The resources are grouped into seven categories - the role of women; recruitment activities; conscription referendums; propaganda; War Precautions Act; the general strike of 1917; and ongoing effects of the war. Because ...


Loss of HMAS Sydney, 1941

This is a collection of resources about the loss of HMAS Sydney. It is introduced by the minute (memorandum) seen here to prime minister Curtin telling him of the sinking of a German raider and of fears that HMAS Sydney has also been sunk. The minute is part of an online showcase called 'The Sinking of the HMAS Sydney' ...


Japanese threat to Australia, 1941-43

This collection of digital curriculum resources is organised into six categories - the outbreak of war with Japan; the fall of Singapore; troops for the defence of Australia; the battle for Australia; Japanese attacks on Australia from the air; and wartime posters about the Japanese threat. Through archival footage, documents, ...


Western Front

This collection about the Western Front - a series of trenches that stretched for 700 km from the Swiss border to the North Sea in the First World War - contains 22 digital curriculum resources. It is organised in five categories - conditions on the Western Front; trench warfare; behind the front line; caring for the casualties; ...


Boer War

Using documentary footage, clips from a feature film, contemporary photographs and a political cartoon, this collection traces aspects of the history of the Australian colonies' and nation's involvement in the Boer War (1899-1902). The collection contains nine digital curriculum resources and is organised in four categories ...


Conscription referendums of 1916 and 1917

This collection of 25 resources focuses on the bitterly divisive conscription referendums of 1916 and 1917. It is organised in five categories - examining the issues and arguments; the pro-conscription case in film; 'Referendum bullets' - film shorts in favour of the Yes case; the No case; and anticonscription activists. ...


Repatriation of First World War veterans

This collection of 15 digital curriculum resources focuses on Australia's First World War veterans returning home to civilian life. It is organised in six categories - soldiers filling in time before repatriation; welcome home; initial support for veterans; ongoing care of the war wounded; jobs for veterans; and soldier ...


The Australian navy in action

This collection of resources about the Australian navy is organised in six categories - destroying the Emden in 1914; training with torpedoes in the 1930s; the Second World War; the loss of HMAS Sydney in 1941; HMAS Canberra in harbour in 1941; and under fire in Darwin Harbour in 1942. The collection contains photographs, ...


Use of the atomic bomb in World War II

This is a collection of seven digital curriculum resources about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and its horrific aftermath. The collection is organised into three categories - images of the bombing; survivors' testimonies; and witnesses to the devastation. The collection includes archival footage, video footage of ...


The Cold War 1945-1991

Cold War tensions between the USA and the USSR became so significant that a potentially disastrous nuclear war seemed imminent.


Conscription in the 20th century

This collection examines the history of conscription in Australia, with a particular focus on the conscription debate in World War One and during the Vietnam War.


Anzac Portal

The Anzac Portal website provides historical and educational resources on Australia's wartime history including wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations from the Boer War through to the present. The site has collected together a vast collection of primary source materials including still and moving images, digital exhibitions ...