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Sea Urchins

This 7 minute video segment from Catalyst describes an excellent example of how biologists have worked to investigate and solve a problem of an invading species of sea urchin that was devastating a marine ecosystem. The scientific approach to develop a biological control needed to rely on technologies such as radio tracking ...


Rabbit immunity

This 6 minute video segment from Catalyst covers a range of biological concepts associated with the history, impacts and methods of control of the introduced rabbit in Australia.


Australasian Gazette, 1926: Prickly pear infested areas of Australia

This clip shows an excerpt from a silent, black-and-white newsreel item about the prickly pear infestation in Australia in 1926, and the steps being taken by scientists to control it. It opens with a map of Queensland and northern New South Wales, indicating the extent of the problem, and includes footage of affected countryside. ...


Rabbit calicivirus, 1999

This is a colour clip about the effect of calicivirus on rabbits and the subsequent effect on the environment. The clip begins by showing old black-and-white footage of a rabbit injected with myxomatosis. The clip shows many rabbits on grassy plains and the island where the calicivirus was quarantined for study. It also ...


Biological control of water hyacinth

This is a colour clip of scientists investigating the use of weevils to control the ubiquitous water hyacinth that was choking the waterways of Papua New Guinea (PNG). It shows scientists in a waterway and in a laboratory examining hyacinth leaves in a petri dish with weevils. It also shows scientists scattering weevils ...


Fear no weevil, 2000

This is a colour clip about using weevils to control the spread of introduced Scotch thistles 'Onopordum acanthium' and Illyrian thistles, 'O illyricum'. The clip shows fields of thistles and sheep in Australia, followed by a shot of a Mediterranean village with thistles. The clip also shows close ups of weevils on a thistle, ...


Bridal creeper, 2002

This is a clip about using a rust fungus to control bridal creeper ('Asparagus asparagoides') in Australia. The clip shows forests covered with bridal creeper and a scientist talking about the history of the creeper in Australia, why it spreads so quickly and successful attempts to curb it. The footage includes scientists ...


Cane toad advance, 2002

This clip is about using gene technology to prevent cane toad tadpoles from becoming adults. The clip shows close-ups of cane toads ('Bufo marinus') and scientists handling cane toads in a laboratory and then injecting them with hormones to encourage them to mate. The ensuing tadpoles are injected with betaglobin to find ...

Moving Image

BBSRC: war report - fighting armyworms

This is a video accompanied by detailed text and still images showing the impact of armyworms on the cereal crops of sub-Saharan Africa and the efforts of Professor Kenneth Wilson to develop a safe, environmentally friendly biopesticide. The video illustrates the threat to food security posed by armyworms and shows Professor ...