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Sea Urchins

This 7 minute video segment from Catalyst describes an excellent example of how biologists have worked to investigate and solve a problem of an invading species of sea urchin that was devastating a marine ecosystem. The scientific approach to develop a biological control needed to rely on technologies such as radio tracking ...


Rabbit immunity

This 6 minute video segment from Catalyst covers a range of biological concepts associated with the history, impacts and methods of control of the introduced rabbit in Australia.

Moving Image

BBSRC: war report - fighting armyworms

This is a video accompanied by detailed text and still images showing the impact of armyworms on the cereal crops of sub-Saharan Africa and the efforts of Professor Kenneth Wilson to develop a safe, environmentally friendly biopesticide. The video illustrates the threat to food security posed by armyworms and shows Professor ...


Australasian Gazette, 1926: Prickly pear infested areas of Australia

This clip shows an excerpt from a silent, black-and-white newsreel item about the prickly pear infestation in Australia in 1926, and the steps being taken by scientists to control it. It opens with a map of Queensland and northern New South Wales, indicating the extent of the problem, and includes footage of affected countryside. ...