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Great Depression in Australia

This collection of 23 digital curriculum resources is organised into three categories - economic policies during the Great Depression; the unemployed; and the effects of the Great Depression on Australian families. The effects of the Great Depression were felt in Australia from 1929 until the outbreak of the Second World ...


The writer's craft

This collection of ten digital curriculum resources focuses on prominent Australian writers speaking about their craft. The writers discuss what they consider to be essential ingredients for creating successful works, including research, discipline, authenticity, memory and imagination. The items cover the perspectives ...


Life on the Victorian goldfields

This is a collection of 19 digital curriculum resources focusing on life on the Victorian goldfields. The collection is organised into four categories: conditions on the goldfields; accommodation and food; making a living; and news and entertainment. It includes paintings and sketches; interactive learning objects and a ...


Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve

This is a collection of 17 digital curriculum resources focusing on the daily life of people at the Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve in the second half of the 19th century. It is organised into six categories - Coranderrk people; conditions on the reserve; Coranderrk leaders; growing hops; making money from tourists; and issues ...


Living conditions in Australia, 1890-1910

This is a collection of 25 digital curriculum resources focusing on living conditions in Australia around 1900. The resources are grouped into four categories - housing; water and sanitation; transport; and leisure activities. The collection includes rare archival film footage, clips from documentaries, photographs and drawings.


'Marvellous Melbourne' and beyond

This is a collection of 18 digital curriculum resources focusing on 'Marvellous Melbourne' in the boom era and beyond. The resources are grouped into six sections - overview; the golden years; the 1890s 'bust'; recreation in Melbourne; water and sewerage; and disease. The collection includes artworks, a website, archival ...


Emergence of Japan as a world power

This is a collection of 14 digital curriculum resources that focus on Japan's emergence as a world power. The collection is grouped into three sections - nationalism and modernisation of the military; the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95; and the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05. The collection includes four essays by eminent ...