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Listed under:  History  >  World history  >  Chinese history

Brick from the Great Wall of China, 1368-1644

This is a rectangular fired clay-brick from the Great Wall of China. The brick is presented within a timber display frame on four curved legs with a removable lid.

Still Image

Picture Paradise education kit

This is an education kit from a National Gallery of Australia exhibition of photographs titled ‘Picture Paradise: Asia-Pacific Photography 1840s-1940s.’ The downloadable kit contains nine photographs from India, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan, Bali and Australia. They are accompanied by information about the photographer, ...


Ancient Chinese example of 'bridge' money, c1000-500 BCE

This is an extremely ancient example of money from China dated around 1000-500 BCE. It is copper alloy proto-money in a boomerang shape with squared-off ends and a single pierced hole at the centre top of a convex curve. This item is 35 mm high x 90 mm wide x 5 mm deep.


Great Wall of China

This colour photograph gives an aerial view of the Great Wall of China in Mutianyu province, 72 km north-east of Beijing. Clearly shown are the steep mountainous terrain that the Great Wall straddles and the heavily fortified watchtowers. The massive granite fortification dating from the Ming period (1368-1644) appears ...


Xian terracotta warriors, 2016

This colour photograph gives an elevated view of part of one of the ‘terra cotta pits’ in the Ch'in tomb near Xian in Shannxi province, China, where 6,000 terracotta warriors stand in battle formation. The terracotta legion visible between the long earth walls comprises four columns of armed warriors, bowmen and horses. ...


China: photo lesson

This is a rich resource that presents 40 images of China including the landscape, the people and the culture. The images are presented in a PowerPoint format with one image per slide, and text accompanies each slide providing explanations of the images. Images include: religious icons; everyday life occurrences such as ...