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Listed under:  Science  >  Life  >  Living things  >  Eukaryotes  >  Animals  >  Invertebrates  >  Molluscs  >  Cuttlefish

Giant Cuttlefish

This 12 minute video segment from Catalyst outlines the fascinating and unique features of the giant cuttlefish and its mass breeding at Point Lowly. Then it explains how scientists have determined the vulnerability of this species- the fact that the eggs are sensitive to high levels of salinity and the fact that they die ...


National parks: Great Barrier Reef

This is a colour clip showing the Great Barrier Reef on the Queensland coast, the world's most extensive stretch of coral reefs. The clip explains how the reefs are created and how they provide a home for thousands of different fauna species. Extended sequences describe the importance of the coral cay Heron Island to green ...