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Aerial Orang Utans

This 11 minute video segment form Catalyst shows that although the orang-utans of Borneo are threatened with extinction, we don't know exactly how many are left or where they are. The use of helicopters to locate their nests and estimate population size has helped to challenge our thinking about the requirements of this ...

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What's happening to our environment? And how do creatures adapt to it?

This is a video about the impact humans are having on the environment. It includes information about: the clearing of forests; pollution; greenhouse gases; the burning of fossil fuels and how this creates additional carbon dioxide; global warming; and climate change. The video is presented as a series of graphical moving ...

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Geology's role in studying soil and finding fuels

Understand how geologists can build a picture of the past that helps us to solve environmental problems such as soil salinity and to discover resources such as coal and oil. See how geology reveals problems with soil in farming areas. Watch how coal, oil and natural gas are formed underground, and how geologists identify ...


Growing cotton in Queensland - asset 1

This is an excerpt from a silent black-and-white 1925 film 'Cotton growing in Australia', containing two intertitles and four scenes. The first intertitle 'Cotton growing is no lazy man's work. Clearing ploughing and careful cultivation and the ultimate picking and baling demand sustained industry.' introduces two scenes. ...


Felling giant karri in Western Australia in 1929

This is an excerpt from the silent black-and-white documentary 'The golden west' filmed in Western Australia in 1929. A highly decorated intertitle, 'Down among the big timbers the giants of the forest are fashioned into many things for many lands. "Come to the West - 1929"' is followed by scenes showing the felling of ...


Transporting giant karri logs in 1929

This is an excerpt from the silent black-and-white documentary 'The golden west' filmed in Western Australia in 1929. It comprises two scenes: the first shows a steam train reversing down a slope pulling flat wagons carrying eight huge karri trunks and the second shows the train pulling into a sawmill yard for unloading. ...


Karri logs at the sawmill in 1929

This is an excerpt from the silent black-and-white documentary 'The golden west' filmed in Western Australia in 1929. This excerpt begins with a large karri trunk being rolled from a bogie flat at a sawmill. Three karri trunks are then shown with chalk measurements on the cut faces. The last scenes of the excerpt show the ...


Australia's mineral wealth, 1934 - asset 13

This is an excerpt from a black-and-white film titled 'Mineral wealth', produced by Australian Government Film Products in 1934 to highlight Australia's mineral wealth. The commentary is backed by light organ music. In the opening sequence, the camera pans over the Mount Lyell copper and tin mine and its surrounds, showing ...


Snowy Hydro - Operation Adaminaby, 1958: The dreams of our pioneers

This clip shows the final phase in the construction of the Eucumbene Reservoir for the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. It opens with shots of heavy construction vehicles working on a dam wall next to the newly created Lake Eucumbene. The clip shows the final house from old Adaminaby, which was flooded to create the ...


Snowy Hydro - Conservation in the Snowy Mountains, 1955: Clearing methods invite bushfire

This clip, from 1955, shows the devastating environmental effects of land clearing and grazing in the high country (subalpine and alpine regions) of the Snowy Mountains in south-eastern New South Wales and north-eastern Victoria. Over scenes of dead trees and bare hills, the narrator describes the practice of intentional ...


Snowy Hydro - Conquest of the Rivers, 1957: A new multicultural home

This clip shows cabins being transported by truck through snow-covered countryside to Cabramurra, New South Wales, a newly established township for workers on the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. The dramatised documentary then shows actors playing an Australian family that has recently arrived in the town. The parents ...


Paper Trail, the Life and Times of a Woodchip, 1991: Unprotected forests in danger

This clip shows old-growth forests in south-eastern Australia and some of the animals that inhabit them. A voice-over narration describes the diversity of the forests, explains that science is only just beginning to understand the complexity of their ecosystems. It warns of the devastating environmental effects of destroying ...


Loggerheads, c1990: Forest justification

This clip shows environmentalist Bill Mollison explaining why he believes it is important to conserve Australia's forests. Mollison, a former timber industry worker and now a leading advocate of permaculture, argues that forests create soil, purify the air and play a vital role in the water cycle and the prevention of drought. ...