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Listed under:  Science  >  Matter  >  Chemical compounds  >  Inorganic compounds  >  Inorganic hydrides  >  Water  >  Salinity  >  Desalination
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How does desalination work?

Perth's water supplies are under pressure. The reason: declining rainfall in the southwest of Western Australia. In this clip, join Peter Rowsthorn as he tours a desalination plant and investigates how to turn sea water into drinking water. With similar plants popping up around Australia, will desalination be the solution ...

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The construction of TV news

Have you ever thought about how a news clip is put together? It's a process of carefully combining a range of audio and visual conventions to present information in a way that seems unbiased. Use this ABC News clip to explore some of the features of TV news.


Giant Cuttlefish

This 12 minute video segment from Catalyst outlines the fascinating and unique features of the giant cuttlefish and its mass breeding at Point Lowly. Then it explains how scientists have determined the vulnerability of this species- the fact that the eggs are sensitive to high levels of salinity and the fact that they die ...


Least Said, Soonest Mended, 1999: Hide the shame

This clip shows Steve Thomas, the producer and director of the film, interviewing his mother, who polishes the silver tea service that she and her husband were given by their children for their 25th wedding anniversary in the 1960s. His mother laments that she and her husband felt that they could not have a party to celebrate ...


Singles Club, 2007: Ange and Annie

This clip shows Ange and Annie in Annie's Melbourne apartment as they discuss their developing relationship. Separate interviews show Annie explaining why she is involved in an 'open relationship' with Ange and Ange describing how the open relationship made him feel he was in 'limbo'. The couple are then shown discussing ...


Only the Brave, 1994: 'Everyone has to do it, Alex'

This clip shows the alienation and teenage angst of close friends Vicki (Dora Kaskanis) and Alex (Elena Mandalis). Arriving at Vicki's house to collect her friend, Alex silently observes the oppressive family atmosphere. Later on, in an abandoned train, the friends discuss a party they have been to and Vicki's busy social ...


Mum's the Word, 2003: 'How extraordinary we are'

This clip shows a lively and unselfconscious discussion among a group of five women about childbirth and partners' reactions to changes in women's bodies during and after childbirth. Led by the presenter, the women first describe their reaction to the experience of childbirth and the closer bond they feel with their own ...