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White Australia policy

This collection of 17 digital curriculum resources about the White Australia policy covers the racist background to the policy, its use of a dictation test to exclude non-white immigrants, the deportation of indentured Pacific Islander labourers in the 1900s, the effects of the policy on people's lives, its supporters and ...


Chinese migrants as portrayed by the Australian colonial media

This is a collection of 19 digital curriculum resources focusing on the racist way the colonial press portrayed Chinese migrants in the mid to late 19th century. The resources are grouped under six headings - presenting Chinese migrants as alien; depicting Chinese migrants as cheap workers; sensationalising the 'Afghan' ...


The experiences of Chinese migrants in the Australian colonies

This is a collection of 25 digital curriculum resources focusing on the experiences of Chinese migrants in the Australian colonies before the 1900s. The resources are grouped under nine headings - overview; portraits of Chinese migrants; Mei Quong Tart; arriving in the colonies; on the goldfields; produce growers, sellers ...


Wolf Klaphake, 1900-67

This is a collection about Wolf Klaphake, a scientist and inventor who migrated to Australia from Germany in 1935 and was interned for four years during the Second World War. The collection is introduced by Klaphake's internment camp identity card, seen here, which links to a richly documented 'Uncommon lives' showcase ...


The beginning of the end

What was Jewish life like in Europe before World War II and how did the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party change this? Learn more about this tragic period directly from the artefacts and voices of Melbourne Holocaust survivors.


Ghettos: the struggle to live

The Nazis established hundreds of ghettos, mainly in Eastern Europe, to isolate the Jews from the rest of the population and to control them more effectively. In the ghettos, Jews were forced to work for the Germans as slave labourers. What was life like in these over-crowded ghettos? Many died due to harsh conditions, ...


The White Australia Policy

The Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 led to the restriction of non-European migration, which became known as the White Australia Policy.