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Listed under:  History  >  Heritage  >  Historic places
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Archaeology unearths a mass-murder site

Discover a historic site that could reveal new evidence of the first recorded mass murder on Australian soil. The site is Beacon Island, a small island off the coast of Western Australia near present-day Geraldton. In this clip, reporter Mark Bennett visits the island with two members of a 1963 expedition that first investigated ...

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Archaeology reveals a doomed city's last moments

The ruins of the Roman city of Pompeii stand near modern Naples in Italy, providing unique evidence of ancient Roman lifestyles. Pompeii and its people were buried beneath ash and lava from the massive eruption of volcanic Mount Vesuvius on 24 August 79 CE. The buried city was lost until the mid-18th century, when archaeologists ...


Frozen Charlotte doll excavated in Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne

This video features curator Charlotte Smith talking about a tiny Frozen Charlotte doll in Museum Victoria's collection, as well as about the area in which it was found, the 'Little Lon' area in the city of Melbourne. We are shown the exteriors and interiors of two recreated Little Lon cottages, the ceramic doll and an historical ...

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Protecting the Titanic

This is a video resource about the 100-year-old wreck of the ship Titanic, which lies on the Atlantic sea floor about 4 kilometres below the surface. The video describes the wreck as a site of great archaeological, historical and cultural importance as well as a memorial to those who died when the ship hit an iceberg and ...