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Japanese threat to Australia, 1941-43

This collection of digital curriculum resources is organised into six categories - the outbreak of war with Japan; the fall of Singapore; troops for the defence of Australia; the battle for Australia; Japanese attacks on Australia from the air; and wartime posters about the Japanese threat. Through archival footage, documents, ...


Western Front

This collection about the Western Front - a series of trenches that stretched for 700 km from the Swiss border to the North Sea in the First World War - contains 22 digital curriculum resources. It is organised in five categories - conditions on the Western Front; trench warfare; behind the front line; caring for the casualties; ...



This collection of 21 digital curriculum resources about Australian bushrangers is organised into six categories - the threat of bushrangers; Ben Hall; Martin Cash; Dan Morgan; Ned Kelly in contemporary sources; and bushranger films. It contains contemporary sketches, portrait photographs, a letter and objects as well as ...


Kokoda Track

This is a collection of digital curriculum resources about the Australian campaign to hold the Kokoda Track in World War II. The resources are grouped into two categories - battle along the Kokoda Track; and role of the Papuans. The collection includes documentary footage and one of the iconic photographs from the war, ...


Australians in the Sinai and Palestine campaigns (1916-18)

This is a collection of ten digital curriculum resources about the role of Australians in the 'desert' campaigns of World War I. The resources are grouped into five categories - the Australian Light Horse; the charge at Beersheba; the Imperial Camel Corps; Australian artillery; and the Australian Flying Corps. The highlights ...


The beginning of the end

What was Jewish life like in Europe before World War II and how did the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party change this? Learn more about this tragic period directly from the artefacts and voices of Melbourne Holocaust survivors.


Ghettos: the struggle to live

The Nazis established hundreds of ghettos, mainly in Eastern Europe, to isolate the Jews from the rest of the population and to control them more effectively. In the ghettos, Jews were forced to work for the Germans as slave labourers. What was life like in these over-crowded ghettos? Many died due to harsh conditions, ...


Anzac Portal

The Anzac Portal website provides historical and educational resources on Australia's wartime history including wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations from the Boer War through to the present. The site has collected together a vast collection of primary source materials including still and moving images, digital exhibitions ...