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Germinating corn seed showing root hairs

The corn seed in this photograph is starting its germination process. At this early stage the yellow seed is only growing a main root. From this root thousands of fine root hairs are sprouting.


Botanical model of a lilac flower, 1865-84

This is a botanical model of a lilac flower, manufactured in France sometime between 1865 and 1884. It is made of painted papier-mâché and mounted on a circular wooden stand. The model features a tall stem that is removable in two parts. The green section of the stem can be removed from the wooden stand, while the flower ...


Plant seedlings bending towards light source

This photograph shows how shamrock seedlings in a pot bend towards a light source. The plant pot has been placed near a window and the seedling stems have grown towards the light coming through the window.


Victorian funnel-web spider

This is an information sheet on the Victorian funnel-web spider ('Hadronyche modesta').


Red-back spider

This is an information sheet on the red-back spider ('Latrodectus hasseltii').


White-tailed spider

This is an information sheet on the white-tailed spider ('Lampona cylindrata').


Kodak factory tennis court and garden in Abbotsford, pre-1948

This is a black-and-white photograph of a fenced tennis court and adjacent gardens at the Kodak factory site in Abbotsford, Melbourne, taken some time before 1948. The view is from the court looking east toward the Yarra River. Just outside the court are garden beds, trees, lawn, a rubbish bin and garden seats. The tall ...


Kodak factory and trees, Abbotsford, early 20th century

This is a sepia-toned photograph showing the exterior of the Kodak factory in Abbotsford, Melbourne, taken in the early 20th century. Buildings that may be visible in this photograph are the paper-coating building, the Powerhouse and the glass-plate building. The photograph measures 210 mm (width) x 164 mm (height).


'Water efficient shrubs' brochure, City West Water, 1996

This is a three-fold brochure published by City West Water and the Nursery Industry Association of Victoria in 1996. It formed part of a community education program to 'help gardeners reduce their water consumption'. The brochure focuses on information people need to know if they are to grow and maintain garden shrubs in ...


Forest secrets

This website presents information about Victoria's tall timber forests, home of the mighty mountain ash, 'Eucalyptus regnans'.

Still Image

Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, 'Bushfire II', 1972

This is a painting by Anmatyerr artist Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri depicting the ancestral narrative of Lungkata the Blue-Tongued Lizard, who punished his two sons because they had broken the law by eating the sacred kangaroo. The painting is shown as an enlargeable image and in a video. Text onscreen gives information ...


Leaf section with stomata, mesophyll and epidermis

This colour image is a dissected cross-section of a leaf at 55 times magnification. It shows the structure of the leaf, the organisation of cells, spaces between some cells and some internal cellular features. The structure includes the epidermis, mesophyll and stomata cells.


Worker honey bee with stored pollen

This is a colour photograph of a worker honey bee ('Apis mellifera'), showing its body structure, compound eyes and the stored pollen on its back leg. (Classification - Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Hexapoda, Order: Hymenoptera, Family: Apidae.)


Measuring photosynthesis

This is a colour underwater photograph of marine scientist Candida Savage using a scientific instrument known as the diving-PAM. The diving-PAM is being used to measure photosynthesis in corals in Fiji. Candida Savage is wearing full diving clothing and equipment including mask, wetsuit and oxygen tanks.


Marine trophic pyramid

This image displays a type of diagram known as a trophic (or ecological) pyramid. This example depicts the organisms and the matter and energy flows in a typical marine ecosystem. The diagram shows six levels of organisms from primary producers through to the top carnivores, arranged in a pyramid. Also represented is the ...


Botanical model of henbane plant, 1885

This is a botanical model of the fruit of the 'Hyoscyamus niger' plant, also known as henbane. It was manufactured in 1885 in France from papier-mâché, wood and metal. The model comprises a thick, green, curved stem with a pair of tightly wrapped leaves and an enlarged section of one half of a fruit. One side of the model ...


'Swearing allegiance to the ''Southern Cross''', 1854

This is a watercolour, pen and ink sketch by Charles Alphonse Doudiet depicting the moment when miners knelt before the Eureka flag and swore allegiance to each other on 30 November 1854, at Bakery Hill on the goldfields of Ballarat, Victoria. It shows hundreds of men, many of them with raised sticks or weapons, kneeling ...


'The old tent', Specimen Hill tents in Ballarat, 1854

This is a watercolour, pen-and-ink sketch that depicts a scene at the Ballarat goldfields at Specimen Hill during the gold rush in 1854. It shows Barker and Hunt's store in the background and a flagpole once briefly used to fly the Eureka flag. A row of tents and temporary shelters is in the foreground.


Stoma on surface of buttercup leaf

This photograph of a stoma (plural: 'stomata') and guard cells on a buttercup leaf was taken using a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Stomata are pores in the surface of a leaf. The stomata and guard cells regulate the gases entering and leaving a plant's leaf.


Single stoma on a leaf surface

This is a photograph of a thin slice from the surface of leaf. The specimen has been stained and magnified 350 times under a light microscope. The stoma is surrounded by two guard cells. Chloroplasts can be seen within the guard cells.