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Mapping farmland: using area and trigonometry

In northern Queensland's Gulf region, some farmers use GPS mapping to help manage their extensive properties. Use this clip as a context for applying your understanding of area, in particular your understanding of conversion between square kilometres and hectares. Apply trigonometry and Pythagoras' theorem.

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Mystery man Pythagoras meets his match

What do you know about Pythagoras? Join Vi Hart as she not only explains his theorem but raises some legends about his dark past! Follow Vi's timeline of famous mathematicians to find out in which century Pythagoras lived. See how Vi shows a proof of his theorem and raises what was a big dilemma for Pythagoras: the irrational ...

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Pythagorean triangles

How did the ancient Egyptians construct buildings with right-angled corners? Join Marcus du Sautoy as he describes one method that might have been used. Find out how it involves a triangle with sides that have a ratio 3:4:5.

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Pythagoras frets about music

Pythagoras is well known for his theorem about right-angled triangles. Find out about his connection to music and how he linked mathematics to patterns in musical notes to create the musical scale. Do your own investigation into subdividing a vibrating string and experimenting with ratios. See why an octave is divided into ...


Using Pythagoras’ Theorem (Simulation)

An interactive simulation in which students use Pythagoras' theorem can be used to find distances.


Pythagoras's theorem: proof

This learning object includes animations of transformational geometry and algebraic proofs of Pythagoras's theorem. Interactive Illustrations of the theorem, worked examples, a quiz and practice questions are included.