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Listed under:  Science  >  Matter  >  Chemical reactions  >  Reaction rates  >  Reactivity

The Reaction of Metals with Acid

Students use this simulation to learn that react with hydrochloric acid to produce salt and hydrogen and find out how to test for hydrogen gas. The notice that sodium reacts violently and that magnesium reacts more quickly than zinc but that the hydrogen gas test is positive for both. Word equations are provided for all reactions.


The Reactivity Series of metals

Students use this simulation to investigate the differences between potassium, sodium, iron and gold in reactivity with water in the construction of a bridge. Teachers have to explain how the reactivity series of metals can be determined by considering their reaction with oxygen, water and acid, and how to use the reactivity ...


Displacement Reactions

Students use this interactive to test five metals in an iron sulfate solution to see if a reaction will occur and understand that more reactive metals such as magnesium, aluminium and zinc will displace less reactive ones such as iron from their compounds.