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Key climate groups in Australia

This is a map of Australia showing the location of its six key climate groups: Equatorial, Tropical, Subtropical, Desert, Grasslands and Temperate. It was developed by the Bureau of Meteorology and there are links to a map of subdivisions within the key groups and to an information page about climate classification. The ...



This is an online resource about current earthquake activity in Australia and the wider region. The resource provides a map and a satellite image of near real-time earthquake activity in the last seven days. Links on the map provide further details and information about individual earthquake events. The resource also contains ...


Places we protect

This is a rich, multilayered resource about 35 protected Bush Heritage reserves throughout Australia. The resource includes a map of Australia that displays the locations of the 35 reserves. Each location is linked to important information and images including: quick facts; visiting information; the animals, plants and ...


Symmetry and pattern: the art of oriental carpets

This resource is a website about the study of symmetry through analysing patterns in oriental carpets. It presents a gallery of different oriental rugs. Details about the patterns in each rug can be accessed by selecting the image of the rug or the key below the images. There are links to pages that explain symmetry and ...


Gooniyandi seasons calendar

This is the Mingayooroo - Manyi Waranggiri Yarrangi, Gooniyandi seasons calendar developed by people of the Gooniyandi language group of the Kimberley in collaboration with CSIRO. The resource consists of an introduction, a richly illustrated calendar and related links. The introduction contains information about the people’s ...


'Sea of hands' protest, Canberra, 1997

This is a colour photograph, measuring 17 cm x 22 cm, of a demonstration in Canberra on 12 October 1997 protesting against the proposed changes to the Native Title Act in response to the High Court's Wik decision. Large numbers of 'hands', constructed of coloured cardboard and 'planted' on wire sticks, are seen arranged ...


Map of Australian colonies, c1859-61

This is a hand-coloured map of Australia, printed between about 1859 and 1861, showing boundaries for what were then the colonies of Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. There is an area labelled 'North Australia', which includes the present-day Northern Territory and Queensland within the same ...


First Fleet landing re-enactment, 1938

This is a black-and-white photograph showing a scene from one of the events held in Sydney, New South Wales, on 26 January 1938 to mark the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet in Sydney Harbour. A group of Indigenous men dressed in loin cloths and decorated with gum leaves, most of them carrying spears and ...


Subdivisions within the key climate groups in Australia

This is a map showing the location of 26 subdivisions of the six key climate groups of Australia; for example, the Tropical group is subdivided into rainforest (persistently wet), rainforest (monsoonal) and savanna. It was developed by the Bureau of Meteorology and there are links to a map of the key climate groups and ...


Map of New Holland (Australia), 1787

This is a black-and-white map of Australia (labelled 'NEW HOLLAND') and adjacent countries, printed in 1787. The map is entitled 'CHART OF NEW HOLLAND, with the ADJACENT COUNTRIES and New Discover'd Islands, 1787'. The map shows fine details of the Australian coastline, particularly the eastern coastline. An inset on the ...


Desert country

This is a PDF resource that focuses on the artworks of Aboriginal artists based on the exhibition 'Desert country' at the Art Gallery of South Australia (2010-2011). It includes 14 paintings by Aboriginal artists from Australia's desert regions spanning a period of 60 years, as well as background information about the exhibition ...


Interactive map of the world

This is a rich multilayered resource presenting an interactive map of the world that categorises species of flora and fauna into continents and countries. A list containing the names of each continent and country links to the species living in that particular region. These in turn have links via images to important facts, ...



This is a student resource about the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Four photographs in slideshow format reflect elements of Ramadan: the first Friday in Ramadan, food eaten during Ramadan in Dubai, Laylat al-Qadr - the holiest night of the year - being celebrated in Mecca, and Palestinians breaking their fast at Eid ul-Fitr ...


What impacts has immigration had on Australia?

In this unit of work students investigate stories of immigration and the impact migrants have had on Australian society over time. This unit of work uses the objects and displays from the National Museum of Australia's previous Horizons gallery (now replaced by the Australian Journeys gallery) and other Museum exhibitions ...


USGS stories

This resource is a web page with links to three fictional stories about a declining bee population, helping wildlife and climate change. Each story has an animal as a main character; the stories include: Beatrice the bee; Emily’s bluebird; and The perils of Polina - a polar bear. Each story can be read sequentially by using ...


Australian gold diggings, c1855

This is an oil painting measuring 70.5 cm x 90.3 cm, painted about 1855 by Edwin Stocqueler (1829-1895), showing men working on the Bendigo gold field in Victoria. The men are panning, puddling and cradling for gold on both sides of a stream in a tent-dotted valley. The valley is stark, with only a few trees remaining. ...


Earth viewed from space

This is a colour photograph of part of the Earth viewed from space. This image was taken over the Bering Sea, the northern extension of the Pacific Ocean bordered by Alaska to the east and Russia to the west. The bright blue of the sea is seen through expanses of white swirling clouds. The curvature of the Earth, only visible ...

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Indigenous Australian collection

This federated search from the QAGOMA database features a selection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks from the collection. The searchable database provides artwork images, background information about the artist and the artwork, a map of major Indigenous regions in Australia, classroom activities, a glossary ...


Lightning in Kakadu National Park

This is a colour photograph of lightning extending from cloud to ground in Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia. It is a landscape photograph showing a cloud-filled sky, the horizon, the ground, which is very dark, and a body of water. Two main lightning strikes are shown in the image; one is in the background ...


Cotton Australia photo library

This is a library of freely reusable photos and videos of the modern Australian cotton industry. Photos and videos are of the farms, practices, crop and the technology used to grow and process the cotton crop. They include the plant at various stages, flowers, bolls, farm machinery like pickers and seeders, bales and cotton gins.