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Prime, composite and square numbers

These resources and tasks focus on prime and composite numbers and can be used to support an inquiry into prime numbers and factors.

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Chance experiments

Use these resources to investigate chance. Compare observed and expected frequencies through a range of hands-on tasks. Describe probabilities using simple fractions, decimals and percentages. The provocation can be used as a starting point. Select tasks and resources that support an inquiry into chance experiments.

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Multiplication and division

Use these resources to develop your students' understanding and use of efficient strategies for multiplication and solving problems in authentic situations. Develop strategies for a sound basis of skip counting and other examples of repeated addition. Investigate division by sharing quantities (partition) then by repeated ...

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Fun with numbers

Use these resources and tasks to explore numbers 1–10 through online interactive activities and hands-on play. Students will develop their understanding and skills of counting through one-to-one correspondence, recognising numbers, understanding the order of numbers and developing number patterns. While the focus is on ...

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What is trigonometry and where would you use it?

Use these tasks and resources to provide opportunities for students to apply understandings about trigonometry. Students investigate the relationship between sine and cosine as the angle value changes from 0 to 90 degrees in a right-angled triangle.

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Compare and order decimals

Use these resources to develop your students' understanding of how our base 10 system of counting extends into decimal numbers. Students develop fluency in number operations involving decimals and apply decimal understanding to authentic contexts.

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Measuring angles

Use these resources to develop your students' skills in measuring and constructing different angles, classifying angles in relation to a right angle and understanding of properties of angles. Students apply their understanding of how to use a protractor through fun and familiar contexts.

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Time (to the quarter hour)

These resources and tasks focus on student’s ability to read analogue clocks and apply their understanding. They explore analogue clock faces and take part in problem-solving investigations involving telling time to the quarter hour.

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Rates and ratio

This sequence for mathematics focuses on developing the language of rates and ratios and exploring their representation of real-life events. A provocation is used as a starting point. Teachers can then choose from a number of relevant tasks depending on student needs.

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Number talks

Use these tasks and resources to provide opportunities for students to explain mental strategies for performing calculations. Present a number of mathematical statements for students to investigate whether they are true or false. As a further challenge include statements about percentages and improper fractions.