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Influences on Australian English

How has Australian English evolved since colonisation? Language experts Bruce Moore and Sue Butler explore the impact that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages have had on it. They discuss what this means for Australia's cultural identity. This clip was broadcast in 1998.

Teacher resource

Language, Literacy and Learning Two-Way: teaching Aboriginal EAL/D students in the early years

This teacher resource describes the Two-Way early childhood professional learning course implemented in Western Australian Aboriginal focus schools, public, Catholic and independent schools to increase opportunities for Aboriginal students who speak English as an additional language or dialect (EAL/D) to acquire language, ...

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Twelve canoes: language

This is a rich resource about the languages of the Yolngu clans of north-east Arnhem Land. Its centrepiece is a short film narrated by a Yolngu storyteller, who describes why different clans have different languages and how the languages differ from each other and from English. He explains how language defines the individual ...


Preserving Aboriginal languages and culture.

This online library provides teachers with resources to access Aboriginal arts, culture and language centres; museums; mobile applications and research information.

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Adventure at Thompson's Creek - Ngayu Jilba Dungan Bada Thompson's Creek

This animation of a contemporary story created by primary school children from the Wajal Wajal community in Far North Queensland. The story is told in two versions; one in English language and one in Kuku Yalanji language. A glossary of language in provided along with a transcript of the story.

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The Kaangkan Brothers

This animation of a contemporary story created by primary school children from the Pompuraaw community in Far North Queensland. The story is told in English language and a transcript of the story is provided

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The journey to Injinoo

This animation of a contemporary story created by primary school children from the Northern Peninsula Area State College in Far North Queensland. The story is told in English language, a glossary of Aboriginal words and a transcript of the story is provided.

Assessment resource

Improve our town: arguments: assessment

Test your understanding of the arguments concerning a community issue. Help a local council decide on a development proposal. Determine whether the best use of a demolition site in the centre of town will be for a park or for a mall. Talk to people in the local community to find out their opinions. Restate the reasons given ...

Teacher resource

Changing whispers into roars - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea suggests many different activities for developing students’ awareness of change over time using carefully selected images from Australia’s past. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.

Teacher resource

A sense of community - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea explains how students were encouraged to explore the stories of individuals and communities to develop an understanding of history on individual, local, state and national levels. They used the 'This house' learning objects and examined historical maps and images. It includes a unit of work developed and ...


Embedding Indigenous perspectives across the curriculum

This website presents a range of professional learning and digital resources to support teachers in incorporating Indigenous perspectives across the curriculum. It provides resources that enable Australian teachers and students to value, understand and explore Indigenous cultures, languages, histories and stories.


St Kilda Esplanade on Boxing Day, 1913

This clip, which is also the complete documentary, shows St Kilda Esplanade in Melbourne on Boxing Day in 1913. The camera observes people on the Esplanade relaxing on the grass outside the St Kilda Teahouse, and bathing in the sea. It also shows some of the available commercial amusements, such as the scenic railway. The ...


Concrete City, 1994: Save our park

This clip shows a resident of the Sydney suburb of Pyrmont hanging out washing from the balcony of her flat while she describes the past benefits of living in the area in a voice-over. Another resident comments on his initial complacency about the local 'park'. Footage of children playing in a disused quarry, called 'the ...


Warren H Williams, the Stories, the Songs, 2004: Mbantua

This clip shows Arrernte recording artist Warren H Williams with non-Indigenous fellow musicians John Williamson and Ted Egan. Williamson sings part of his song 'A Thousand Feet' and Williams and Egan work on their song 'Mbantua'. Williams and Egan then are shown singing outside the Pine Gap Joint Defence Facility located ...