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Listed under:  Science  >  Forces and energy  >  Mechanical energy  >  Motion  >  Acceleration
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Effects of g-force on the human body

Peter Rowsthorn visits the Australian International Air Show to answer the question, 'What effect does g-force have on the human body?' Join Pete in the cockpit of a light plane for some aerobatics with pilot David Pilkington. G-force expert Dr David Newman explains the science as Pete endures up to 6 g in the aircraft.

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Toffee-powered rocket bike

Space rockets are powered by a combustion reaction in which a fuel reacts with oxygen. In this clip, a science reporter builds a bike propelled by toffee (a high-energy solid that burns) and nitrous oxide, which provides oxygen for the reaction. You'll be amazed to see what happens when he adds peanuts to the toffee. Don't ...

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The physics of a slinky drop

Imagine holding a slinky by the top end, with the bottom end dangling in mid-air. What do you think would happen when you let it go? Explore the physics of two equal and opposing forces working on an object in this awesome experiment!

Interactive resource

EagleCat: motion graphs

Investigate distance–time and velocity–time graphs by changing position, speed and acceleration.