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Shipwreck of the Dunbar at 'the Heads', 1857

The wreck of the clipper ship Dunbar off Sydney Heads in 1857 is regarded as the worst peacetime merchant shipping tragedy in NSW history. This letter was copied from a handwritten manuscript by James Graham, the signal master at South Head, Sydney, in 1857, and was printed in the Sydney Morning Herald on 22 August 1857, ...


Alicia, 1996: God is love

This clip shows a neurosurgeon speaking about Alicia Liley, and the part that modern medicine played in her recovery. In separate sequences Alicia, her father and her mother describe how they believe the family's collective faith helped Alicia pull through, even after the doctors warned that her chances of survival were ...


Hairy flower wasps

This is an information sheet which describes hairy flower wasps, Family Scoliidae, and gives information about their appearance, distribution, behaviour and life cycle.


Life stages of the European wasp

This is an information sheet about the egg, larval, pupal and adult stages of the European wasp, 'Vespula germanica'. It also describes what happens to the wasp population over the course of the year.


European wasps as pests in Australia

This is an information sheet that describes why European wasps are pests in Australia, the health effects their stings can have, and the recommended first aid for stings.


Victoria's huntsman spiders

This is an information sheet on the three types of huntsman spiders found in Victoria. It contains descriptions, information on habitat and biology, and images.


Victorian funnel-web spider

This is an information sheet on the Victorian funnel-web spider ('Hadronyche modesta').


Red-back spider

This is an information sheet on the red-back spider ('Latrodectus hasseltii').


White-tailed spider

This is an information sheet on the white-tailed spider ('Lampona cylindrata').


Melbourne trapdoor spider

This is an information sheet on the Melbourne trapdoor spider ('Stanwellia').


Letter to Leading Aircraftman Howard Kellehear from Nell, 5 Jan 1942

This is a four-page letter, handwritten on lined paper with four emblems printed along the top edge in red and blue: ACF, RSL, THE SALVATION ARMY and YMCA. It measures 24.7 cm long x 19.6 cm wide.


Young people and epilepsy: challenges

This clip shows young people with epilepsy talking about some of the challenges they face. These include the fear of having a seizure when in public, the capacity to obtain a driver's licence, the need to be constantly aware of hazards such as stairs, barriers to succeeding at school, the effects on their social life and ...


Teaspoon from the Dunbar shipwreck, 1850s

This silver-plated teaspoon is one of numerous items of cutlery recovered from the site of the Dunbar shipwreck (1857) near the entrance to Sydney Harbour. The loss of the vessel was one of Australia's worst maritime disasters and objects recovered from the wreck site give us a snapshot of the period. They also provide ...

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Advances in nuclear power technology

Imagine our world if nuclear power generation could be made safer. Discover how Chinese scientists have developed a new nuclear reactor that reduces the chances of the reactor overheating to the point of meltdown. To do this the pebble bed reactor uses advances in technology to replace the traditional water-cooled system. ...

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Japanese tsunami's nuclear threat, 2011

Remember the earthquake and following tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011 and damaged a nuclear power plant? Find out about the damage caused, what exploded and why, and the aftermath of the disaster. What debates about nuclear power plants were reignited by the events in Japan?

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Shipwrecked off 'New Holland'

Nicolas Baudin and Matthew Flinders are ready to take their maps and discoveries home. They have been exploring the coasts of 'New Holland' for many months. Both men suffer tragedy on their return voyages. Watch this clip to find out what happens to them.

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Archaeology unearths a mass-murder site

Discover a historic site that could reveal new evidence of the first recorded mass murder on Australian soil. The site is Beacon Island, a small island off the coast of Western Australia near present-day Geraldton. In this clip, reporter Mark Bennett visits the island with two members of a 1963 expedition that first investigated ...

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Speeding: a little is a lot

As the speed of a car increases, the amount of energy also increases. When speeds above 60 km per hour are reached, the risk of crashing increases exponentially. Watch this animated road safety clip to discover how speed impacts on reaction time and braking distance, increasing the rate of crash risk.

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Batavia shipwreck leads to mass murder

In 1629, the Dutch merchant ship Batavia was wrecked off the Western Australian coast near present-day Geraldton. What followed was a tale of mutiny and mass murder on the surrounding islands. Hear from two members of the 1963 expedition that first uncovered the ship's remains, as they visit one of the islands in 2013.

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Life cycles: crocodiles

Look at the life stages of a crocodile, including laying eggs and digging babies out of a nest. Notice there are dangers to the eggs such as river flooding and predators. This learning object is one in a series of six objects. The series is also packaged as a combined learning object.