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Vietnamese refugees and their children's future

This clip explores how the children of Vietnamese refugees can feel a strong sense of obligation and responsibility because the refugee generation 'laid out its body as a bridge' for them 'to walk over'. Helen Huynh describes how her parents' sacrifices made it essential that she succeed in her studies. She tells of the ...


Repairing a truck on the Nullarbor in 1915

This is a 1915 black-and-white photograph showing a man and a woman working to repair a truck while another man looks on. The whole rear axle and wheels have been removed from the vehicle and spare tyres lie on the ground. The photograph was taken somewhere on the Nullarbor, along the route of the Trans-Australian Railway ...

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Activities: English, Episode 1 - Childhood

This resource for English teachers is focused on a variety of childhood experiences in Australia, and also relates to childbearing and the women's movement. It supports a set of short excerpts from Episode 1 of 'The Making of Modern Australia', a 2010 ABC television documentary series. This series investigates the social ...

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Our many identities

This is a unit of work about children's multiple identities and the importance of being inclusive and non-discriminatory. Intended for the early years and written with a global education focus, the resource consists of five single- or multi-lesson activities, titled: Celebrating arriving in my family; Multiple identities, ...

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NRL: Dream, Believe, Achieve

This is a sequence of nine lesson plans accompanied by a 11-minute video that seeks to empower secondary students to create their own dreams, to believe that they can realise them, and to work to achieve them. In the video, several elite male players and an elite female rugby league player motivate students by recounting ...