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Drama on the bus

Is someone watching you? It's just possible that there's an observer on your bus or train using the scenes and conversations that take place as a starting point for their art. That's what four playwrights did when they travelled together across Sydney on the 428 bus and came up with four completely different ideas for a play.

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A story of Mount Merapi

Indonesians whose homes are near Mount Merapi, a live volcano, live with the constant threat of its eruption. Over time, a sense of mysticism, ritual and story has grown around the volcano's power. Drawing on this history, Australian puppet theatre company Snuff Puppets collaborated with Indonesian artists to perform 'Wedhus ...



This is a resource that focuses on the process of creating a play. The information provided includes a checklist of tips for performers to work through the process of collaboratively creating their own play, from developing an initial idea to rehearsing a play. The resource is structured under headings including Playbuilding, ...

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Arts-POP: drama

This is a unit containing material to help teachers plan, implement and assess a middle primary drama program that looks at Indian culture and its economic complexities. It describes a drama program implemented in a year 4 class that uses role-play, process drama and language to explore ideas about wealth distribution, ...

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Arts-POP: arts packages of practice

This website provides infrastructure and material to support teachers in the classroom teaching of the arts curriculum in primary school. It contains units in all the arts subjects: Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts; and each of these units has a selection of supportive material that may include demonstration ...


'The man from Kangaroo', 1920

This is a still from the 1920 Australia silent movie 'The man from Kangaroo'. It shows the character John Harland, played by Reginald 'Snowy' Baker, teaching two boys how to box.


Stepping Out, 1980: 'We're all friends'

This clip shows scenes of the Lorna Hodgkinson Sunshine Home in Sydney. Footage of the grounds and inside the Home includes a child being bathed and older residents working. The unseen narrator, one of the inhabitants, introduces members of a drama group, led by teacher Aldo Gennaro, as they take part in a breathing exercise ...


Apple II software game - 'The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate',1988

This is the cover of an Apple II software game called 'The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate'. It shows an illustration by Randy Berrett of a demonic figure rising above flames and reaching clawed hands towards four heroic figures of the fantasy genre: a wizard with a staff, an archer, a warrior with a sword and shield, and ...

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Your classes

This is a resource that presents information on the Page to stage performance arts toolkit, a collection of tools, resources and checklists to complement the teaching of drama. It outlines the four key sections of the Page to stage resource - Think, Make, Act, and My folio - as well as provides a list of benefits in signing ...



This is a resource that presents inspiration and ideas for drama improvisation and performance. It includes a split screen with images of two unrelated images to inspire story ideas. The images are presented randomly on rotation by selecting the 'Inspire me' button. Selected combinations of images can be saved to student ...



This is a resource that presents inspiration and ideas for drama improvisation and performance. It randomly selects ideas for performance against four categories: Performance style, Dramatic element, Performance space, and Theatrical convention. New suggestions are presented on rotation by selecting the 'Generate now' button. ...



This is a resource that focuses on drama improvisation techniques and games. The information is categorised into the dos and don'ts of improvisation, improvisation games that can be played out in pairs or small groups, and an improvisation flowchart that provides a visual representation of the improvisation process. The ...

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Observing a platypus

Meet one of the world's most amazing creatures. Listen as Don Spencer describes the features of a platypus. Watch a platypus clean itself and then swim under water to search for food. See what type of animal the platypus catches and feeds on by the water's edge.

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Observing an emu

Join Don Spencer as he describes the emu, one of the biggest birds in the world. Watch emus searching for food and taking care of their eggs. Discover what makes the emu different from most other birds.

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Observing a swan

Join Don Spencer as he observes (looks carefully at) a black swan. Discover a surprise under this bird's black outer feathers. Watch how differently the swan moves on land and in water.

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Observing a kangaroo

Take a look at Australia's most famous animal, the kangaroo. Don Spencer feeds a female kangaroo that has a young joey in her pouch. Observe (look carefully at) how kangaroos stay alert in case of danger.

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Observing an echidna

Join Don Spencer as he looks closely at an echidna. Observe the body parts and covering of this unique Australian mammal. Find out what the echidna eats. Watch it move around in its natural habitat.

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Guide dog puppy in training

Meet Ella and the puppy she is helping to train as a guide dog. Find out what it takes to teach Dusty what he needs to know for a very important job.

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This cocky rocks

Meet Max and Cocky, his pet sulphur-crested cockatoo. Discover how Max handles his cheeky pet. Find out what body part he uses that has earned him the title 'the destroyer'.

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All about eggs: Children at home on the farm

This interactive lesson introduces students to egg farms in the context of the variety of places that people can live in and belong to. They then learn to identify familiar farm features, and about children living on farms, their important daily contributions to farm life and why egg farms are important to people. The lesson ...