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Kafka's 'The Metamorphosis': perfect fiction?

Franz Kafka's 'The Metamorphosis' is a classic of modernist literature. Explore why this novel continues to fascinate people 100 years after it was published. Jennifer Byrne leads the discussion with critics and writers Andy Griffiths, Toni Jordan, Marieke Hardy and Jason Steger.


Black swan casket, 1914

This is a hexagonal (six-sided) container made in copper and decorated in enamel and gilt by the Australian modernist artist and designer Ethel Barringer (1884-1925). The strong geometric design has been offset by the liveliness of the insets on each side panel and on the lid, and the elegant arches at the base of the object. ...


Self-portrait of Grace Cossington Smith, c1951

This is a self-portrait oil painting by Grace Cossington Smith (1892-1984), measuring 48.9 cm x 36.7 cm. It shows a three-quarter view of the artist's head and upper body, with the eyes angled to look at the viewer. Cossington Smith is wearing a short-sleeved orange top buttoned to the neck. She has round dark-rimmed glasses ...


'Holden lion' sculpture, c1930

This is a bronze sculpture, measuring 36.5 cm x 40.5 cm x 12.7 cm, by Rayner Hoff (1894-1937), created about 1930. Its basic form is that of a lion set on top of a rectangular plinth or base. The creature is set back on its hindquarters with its head reared, ears pinned back and mouth open in a roaring snarl. The exaggerated ...


'Sunbaker', 1937

This is a black-and-white photographic image made in 1937 by Max Dupain (1911-92), which measures 38.0 cm x 34.2 cm. It shows the head and shoulders of a deeply tanned man, who is lying flat on his stomach on the sand, in bright sunlight. His head is laid to one side and resting on one arm and his other arm is lying out ...


'Teacup ballet', 1935

This is a black-and-white photograph, measuring 35.4 cm x 28.4 cm, that was made by Olive Cotton (1911-2003) in 1935. It consists of a group of six cups and saucers that have been carefully arranged in an asymmetrical pattern on a flat surface. The items have a glossy surface and are slightly translucent, which suggests ...


'Poinsettias', 1931

This is an oil painting made in 1931 by Grace Cossington Smith (1892-1984). It is a still life of a branch of poinsettia bracts in a vase, and measures 73.7 cm x 59.7 cm. The orange-red bracts, which curve from the left to the top right of the image, are set against a background of green-grey drapery.


'The Debussy Quartet in G', 1937

This is a black-and-white photograph made in 1937 by Max Dupain (1911-92). It is a fantasy, dream-like image made up of sections of flower forms and the body of a young woman, and measures 41.5 cm x 30.5 cm.


Kuia toby jug, late 1950s

This is a ceramic toby jug in the form of a Mäori kuia (old lady) with a moko (tattoo) on her chin. She wears a red head-scarf and a small tiki (pendant) and smokes a pipe. This jug was made by Titian Studio, Auckland, in the late 1950s. It measures 15 cm (height) x 10 cm (width) x 12 cm (depth). The base has a pounamu ...


Antonio Gaudi - To a Dancing God, 1974: Gaudi the perfectionist

This clip shows some of the work of Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi. Moving and still images from his work on Casa dels Ossos highlight examples of his interior and exterior design. The narration emphasises his highly individual style and describes the other architectural schools prevalent at the time. The clip is accompanied ...


Sidney Nolan: 'Ned Kelly', 1946

This resource includes an enlargeable image of the painting 'Ned Kelly' by Sidney Nolan and catalogue information about the painting. This is one painting in a series of 27 abstract paintings, each capturing a selected incident in the story of the iconic Kelly gang. There is also a video with audio commentary about the ...

Teacher resource

Funfair high

This is a resource about how art can be used to convey different ideas about the personal, social and historical significance of the built environment, using a school building as the basis in a redesign as a theme park. The resource features a video of sculptor Callum Morton discussing the inspiration for his artwork 'Ghost ...

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Willy Loman in a new millennium

How does a classic play like Arthur Miller's 'Death of a Salesman' resonate with audiences today? In this clip, the director, actors and set and lighting designer share their insights during the rehearsal process of the Black Swan State Theatre Company's 2013 production of the play. They talk about the universal themes ...

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National interest - personal cost

Join early rehearsals of the Black Swan State Theatre Company's 2012 of Aidan Fennessy's play 'National interest'. Listen to the writer/director, actors and composer reflect on bringing a new perspective to the infamous Balibo Five affair. The play focuses on the emotional, personal journey of the family of Tony Stewart, ...

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Doing justice to a remarkable play

Andrew Bovell's play 'When the rain stops falling' opens with a fish falling out of the sky - in Alice Springs! Come behind the scenes with the director, actors, and set and costume designers as they talk about their roles in the Black Swan State Theatre Company's 2011 production of this internationally celebrated play. ...

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Tim Winton from page to stage

Come along to early rehearsals Black Swan State Theatre Company's 2011 production of Tim Winton's play 'Rising water'. Hear the playwright, director, composer and actors offer their perspectives on how the play will be interpreted, developed and staged. Winton celebrates the collaborative nature of play making - how bodies, ...

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Silly, naughty - and Shakespeare!

Join early rehearsals of Black Swan State Theatre Company's 2011 production of Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. Meet the director, actors, set designer and costume designer of a contemporary production. Watch actors do a read-through and describe ways that they establish character and work as part of a comedic ...

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A story of Mount Merapi

Indonesians whose homes are near Mount Merapi, a live volcano, live with the constant threat of its eruption. Over time, a sense of mysticism, ritual and story has grown around the volcano's power. Drawing on this history, Australian puppet theatre company Snuff Puppets collaborated with Indonesian artists to perform 'Wedhus ...

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Performing the private in public

'PUBLIC' is a hybrid artwork - part performance art and part theatrical piece - set in a shopping centre food court. The director, Tamara Saulwick, wants to explore both the boundaries between public and private and the way individuals operate in public spaces.

Interactive Resource

What house is that?

This is an interactive streetscape of nine houses, each from a different era and of different styles. They represent the nine main housing styles in Victoria. Information about each of the houses includes: features and style; the Architect; designers; historical observations; house owners; and general social history of ...