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Out to pasture: the future of farming?

This is a short film about the future of farming animals using sustainable agricultural methods including pasture-based models. The film profiles several different farmers and includes information and images of conventional farming methods; pasture-based farming methods, how conventional farmers view pasture-based farmers; ...

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Food animal production - lesson

This is a resource for teachers about different methods of food animal production and the impact they have on health, communities, animal welfare and the environment. It includes a 140-minute lesson plan; background reading; vocabulary definitions and slides. Topics include the health, environmental, social and economic ...

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Agriculture and ecosystems - lesson

This is a resource for teachers about the connections between food, agriculture and ecosystems. It includes a 125-minute lesson plan; background reading; vocabulary definitions, slides and student handouts. Topics covered include tracing the ingredients of a meal back to its origins of soil; exploring ecosystems that are ...

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Reforestation as a climate change strategy

This is a video about an agroforestry project to restore the tree cover of microwatersheds in the High Andes of Peru in which the Chumbivilcas community worked with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund. Interviews with the local mayor and project officers emphasise ...