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Opening of a new bar at Hotel London, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, c1950

This is a black-and-white image from a negative depicting the opening of a new bar at the Hotel London on Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, in around 1950. It shows a crowd of men dressed in suits, many wearing hats, drinking glasses of beer and talking or posing for the photograph. Behind the bar are three women bartenders, ...


Token penny, W D Wood, c1854

Token pennies (trade tokens)like this one often advertised the business of the token issuer. The coin is 34 mm in diameter.

Moving Image

Wasted by alcohol abuse

Consuming alcohol affects our bodies. Find out what alcohol actually does inside the human body and the organ that 'fights' to reduce its harmful effects. Discover why alcohol is literally a 'waste' product.


Wine industry at Griffith

This is an excerpt from 'Australia's wine industry', a 4-minute silent documentary made in 1924 about the Penfolds wine company. The excerpt begins with the intertitle 'GRIFFITH, N.S.W. Winery and Distillery, erected for Soldier Settlers' grapes, covering 6 acres of ground and crushing 6000 tons of grapes annually'. The ...


Italian-Australian winemaker, 1984

This is a black-and-white photograph of prize-winning Perth winemaker Antonio Paolo (Paul) Conti, an Italian-Australian, at work in the family winery at Woodvale in Western Australia in 1984. Paul is standing at the top of a ladder against one of a row of wine barrels. He is holding a wine glass and observing the contents ...


Department of Commerce poster, 1942

This is a black-and-white poster from the Second World War encouraging readers to serve Australian lamb, bacon, apples and pears, dairy produce and wine at their dinner tables to support the war effort. The poster was issued by the Department of Commerce, and produced by the Commonwealth Advertising Division in 1942. The ...


Wine cask, 1965 - asset 1

This is a photograph of the rectangular front panel of a cardboard wine cask made in 1965 by Angove's Pty Ltd. The design on the panel includes two black pentagonal shapes, one above and one below a jagged red shape. The words 'THIS CARTON Contains' are printed in white in the black section at the top, while the words 'ONE ...


Wine cask, 1965 - asset 2

This is a photograph of the side panel of a cardboard wine cask made in 1965 by Angove's Pty Ltd. The design on the panel includes two black pentagonal shapes, one above and one below a jagged red shape. On the panel are four diagrams that, along with text, explain how to use the wine cask. The text, from the top, reads: ...


Colin Gramp discusses wine industry changes, 2005

This is an edited sound recording of an interview with 85-year-old Colin Gramp, former technical director of Orlando, a well-known estate winery in South Australia's Barossa Valley. Gramp describes introducing new winemaking technologies at Orlando in the 1950s, a decision now recognised by the industry as having led to ...


Crops, horticulture and viticulture

This is a resource about Australia's plant-based farming industry in the 19th and 20th centuries. The resource focuses on the wheat, fruit and wine industries but also includes details about other crops such as barley and maize. The resource includes text, images, photos, and extracts and transcripts from historical documents. ...