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Listed under:  Society  >  Social relations  >  Marginalisation  >  Alienation

Young people and epilepsy: who do you tell?

This clip shows young people with epilepsy talking about deciding who in their life to tell about their condition and when. They discuss how important it is for people to be sensitive when they inquire about epilepsy, and they affirm the value of friends and the support they provide. Some mention their determination to ...

Moving Image

Aunty Dorrie and the 'dog licence'

Have you ever heard of the 'dog licence'? This was a Certificate of Exemption, issued by the Aboriginal Welfare Board, that allowed Indigenous Australians to live as part of white Australian society. In order to get one of these, Aboriginal people effectively had to renounce their culture and prove that they were 'respectable'. ...


Wolf Klaphake, enemy alien, 1941

This one-page report is part of a series of official documents concerning Wolf Klaphake, a German national who was classed as an enemy alien and held in an internment camp in Australia from 1940 to 1944. The report is addressed to the General Officer Commanding (GOC) Eastern Command and is headed 'National Security (Aliens ...


'Now and then', 1986

This is an oil painting by John Brack (1920-99), painted in 1986. Measuring 152.7 cm x 184.2 cm, the painting shows a large number of steel nib pens and different coloured pencils arranged in groups on two different-shaped surfaces, one of which resembles a rectangular tabletop and the other an oval-shaped mirror. The group ...


Dance of Nature: The Music of Ross Edwards, 1995: Musical paralysis

This clip shows contemporary Australian composer Ross Edwards talking about the stifling effect of London on his creative process when he lived in England in the 1970s. In a voice-over and speaking directly to camera, Edwards discusses how he overcame this creative paralysis by developing a new relationship with nature ...


Lantana, 2001: 'What did you say?'

This clip shows Dr Valerie Somers (Barbara Hershey) accusing a passing stranger of saying something to her and demanding to know his name. In the next scene the stranger, Pete O'May (Glenn Robbins), enters a bar where Detective Leon Zat (Anthony LaPaglia) is having a drink. When Leon asks Pete if something is wrong, Pete ...


Temple of Dreams, 2007: The youth conference

This clip shows scenes from a youth conference held in Sydney in 2006. Fadi, the organiser, welcomes participants and sets up the discussion groups. Young male and female Muslim participants brainstorm their concerns on issues ranging from family communications to problems at school and with the police. The diversity of ...


The Quiet Room, 1996: 'This is not easy'

This clip shows the responses of a 7-year-old girl (Chloe Ferguson) as she is told by first her mother (Celine O'Leary) and then her father (Paul Blackwell) that the two are separating. Throughout both encounters the girl angrily scribbles with a black crayon and does not respond to or look at either parent. However, her ...


Whiteys Like Us, 1999: Learning from international experience

This clip shows a group of adults participating in a Reconciliation Learning Circle in Sydney, New South Wales. The first scene shows members of the Learning Circle discussing the issue of Native Title. Following this, four group members - Sandy, Hugh, Lee and Darren - not only reveal what they feel they have learned during ...


Only the Brave, 1994: 'Everyone has to do it, Alex'

This clip shows the alienation and teenage angst of close friends Vicki (Dora Kaskanis) and Alex (Elena Mandalis). Arriving at Vicki's house to collect her friend, Alex silently observes the oppressive family atmosphere. Later on, in an abandoned train, the friends discuss a party they have been to and Vicki's busy social ...


'Leave us alone' by Mel Stringer

'Leave us alone' is a greyscale pen-and-ink illustration by Mel Stringer in which two lovers clutch each other while dealing with the distractions of the outside world. A skinny multi-armed man embraces a serene chunky-legged woman. The man's many arms are engaged in activities such as frantically painting and writing as ...