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Listed under:  Society  >  Ethics  >  Bioethics  >  Animal welfare  >  Animal experimentation

'Scientific whaling' cartoon by Pat Campbell, 2006

This is a colour-wash sketch by Pat Campbell that comments on the of killing of whales for scientific purposes by Japan. It shows a ship with a whale harpoon gun in the shape of a microscope operated by two Japanese men. Further information is available for this resource.


Quantum dots in biomedical research

This is a colour photograph of a solution containing quantum dots, or nanocrystals, of cadmium selenide being injected into a mouse in the laboratory. The fluorescent pink glow emitted by these nanocrystals under ultraviolet (UV) light is visible in the mouse and in the syringe and vial held by the scientist. The photograph ...


Compass - Paws for Thought, 2000: Consciousness in animals

This clip shows neurobiologist Professor Lesley Rogers at work in her classroom and laboratory as a background to the narrated story of how her work on brain lateralisation has raised new ideas about animal consciousness. A panning shot in a classroom shows Rogers talking to her students about brain asymmetry. Sequences ...