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The war on bacteria

Antibiotics have been our traditional method of fighting bacterial infections in the human body for nearly a century. However, scientists are becoming increasingly concerned about drug-resistant bacteria. Watch this clip to discover how bacteria build resistance, and find out about the new possible alternative to antibiotics.


Penicillin production, c1940s

This is a black-and-white photograph illustrating the production of penicillin using the batch process. It shows a man and a woman in white laboratory coats working at a machine that features rows of small white flasks suspended from a central core. The woman appears to be using a syringe to extract the penicillin liquid.

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This is a unit of work designed to help students investigate the link between the structure of a cell and its function. Students explore how the development of microscopic technology has assisted the examination of common cell structures. They compare the cell structures of plants, animals, fungi and bacteria. Additional ...

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Food animal production - lesson

This is a resource for teachers about different methods of food animal production and the impact they have on health, communities, animal welfare and the environment. It includes a 140-minute lesson plan; background reading; vocabulary definitions and slides. Topics include the health, environmental, social and economic ...