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From possessive apostrophes to discombobulation!

People often worry about the use of apostrophes. See how Professor Kate Burridge answers a question about how to use the apostrophes after certain names, telling us how the rule has changed over time. She also explains the origins of the word 'discombobulate' and why the plural of house is not 'hice'.


Visualising two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes

This collection comprises 24 digital curriculum resources, including learning objects from the series 'Shape sorter', 'Face painter', 'Geoboard', 'Photo hunt', 'Viewfinder' and 'Shape maker'. There are three categories: exploring two-dimensional shapes; visualising three-dimensional shapes; and making three-dimensional ...


A motor launch works at Hobart in 1913

This is a short excerpt from a silent 1913 black-and-white newsreel, entitled 'Hobart Regatta 1913', comprising a slow pan by a hand-held camera of a section of Hobart's River Derwent, where various boats appear to be under construction or repair. The scene includes Abel's Motor Launch Works with a motor launch and a couta ...


In the Wake of the Bounty, 1933: Pitcairn boat-builders

This black-and-white clip shows residents from Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific rowing out in a longboat, or 'lighter', to collect passengers from a steamer anchored out at sea. The boat is shown navigating a passage through rocks and turbulent seas to a narrow inlet called Bounty Bay, the only safe landing place on ...

Interactive Resource

BBC Skillswise: beat the clock apostrophes - activity

This is a multilevel activity about apostrophes of contraction. Students rewrite words to contract them with an apostrophe and/or an 's'. A hint button reminds students of the basic rules of the use of apostrophes for missing letters and numbers. After completing seven examples their answers are displayed and compared with ...

Interactive Resource

BBC Skillswise: who owns what - activity

This is a multilevel activity about apostrophes of possession. At each level students are presented with two nouns, one the 'owner/s' and the other what is 'owned', and asked to enter them with an apostrophe added. Once ten pairs of words have been attempted, students' work is corrected and the right answers are displayed. ...

Interactive Resource

Homophones 'who's' and 'whose'

This is an interactive spelling and vocabulary list of two words that will assist students to use sentence context to distinguish between the homophones 'who's' and 'whose'. Both words are supported by learning activities. Mouseover allows the user to hear and see each word in the list and its spelling letter by letter, ...

Interactive Resource

The apostrophe: contractions

This is an interactive resource focusing on the use of apostrophes to indicate the omission of a letter. The resource contains 20 examples, each of which presents the user with one or two sentences to be punctuated with apostrophes. The main editing button allows the user to insert apostrophes, and other buttons reveal ...


Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

This resource is a revision for students of some of the rules for punctuation and spelling, with examples. It covers sentences, paragraphing, apostrophes, punctuating dialogue, ellipses, brackets, titles, acronyms, ampersands, commonly confused words and IM and Text Speak.

Moving Image

How to use an apostrophe

This short video for students is a refresher on when to use apostrophes in writing.