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A journey into world music

From Japanese drumming to African choirs, there is a wide world of music to be enjoyed beyond mainstream pop music in Australia. Music from one culture will often sound very different to music from another, using varied musical styles and instruments. Come along on a musical journey and explore the increasingly popular ...

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Is there a DJ in da house?

Do you want to be a famous DJ? Listen to how Aussie-grown DJ Tyson 'tyDi' Illingworth hit the big time in Los Angeles.

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Tiwi music: keeping an ancient culture alive

Discover how music and dance are helping to keep the traditions of the Tiwi people alive. The customs and stories of the Tiwi people have been passed on to new generations through storytelling, song and dance. Many of the remaining languages of Australia's ancient Indigenous cultures are being lost. Today there is a race ...

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An octet that's not stuck in a 'holding pattern'

Experience an impressive live performance from the legendary Mike Nock Octet as they play 'Holding patterns' (Suite SIMA). Nock is one of the giants of jazz and this clip showcases his composition and arrangement skills, as well as the amazing improvisation and interplay between highly skilled jazz musicians.

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Mangrove: a landscape made from music

Have you ever heard violins make sounds like mosquitoes or a flock of birds? What about a trumpet sounding like a frog? In this clip, we are taken behind the scenes of Queensland's Great Barrier Reef Orchestra as they rehearse Peter Sculthorpe's composition 'Mangrove'. We hear from some of the orchestra's musicians as they ...

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Music therapy: does it work?

Did you know that music can actually have an impact on your brainwaves? Discover the fascinating discipline of music therapy. In this clip, we learn about a new study into how music therapy is having a positive effect on people's mental health.

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Creating music from guns

Discover why an artist makes musical instruments from guns as we take a look at Mexican artist Pedro Reyes's exhibition 'Disarm' at NGV International, the National Gallery of Victoria. Reyes has, with the help of local artisans, constructed instruments using parts from weapons confiscated by the Mexican government.

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The symphonic sculpture of Pantha du Prince

Discover what happens when you mix computers and live musicians to generate exciting new performances. This clip features the music of Berlin-based musician Pantha du Prince (Hendrik Weber) and his collaboration with The Bell Laboratory from Norway. They combine an experimental approach to computer-generated music with ...

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The Raah Project: Melbourne's musical melting pot

Imagine a mix of classical music, jazz and hip-hop. The Raah Project combines these styles to create exciting new compositions and live performances. This clip features interviews with composers and musicians from The Raah Project as well behind-the-scenes footage of rehearsals and live performances. This groundbreaking ...

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A humorous look at the seriousness of video games

Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw comments on video games in a unique, unpredictable and often subversive way. He creates short animations by combining crude two-dimensional images, photographs and other visual elements with a few musical elements and his own rapid narration. He then publishes them online. The tone is humorous but ...

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Commitment and creativity: a career in music

Discover the challenges and pleasures of being first violinist for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. In this clip, violinist Jennifer Hoy discusses her journey from learning violin at a very early age to becoming a professional orchestral musician. Find out what this prestigious but demanding role involves.

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There's more to it than waving your hands about

Orchestra conductors have a tough job. They must do many complicated things at once to get the best possible performance from the musicians. Join Natasha Thiele from Behind the News as she meets a conductor, learns a little about his job, and has a go at conducting a very enthusiastic orchestra.

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The banjo-pickin', yodelling cowgirl

Taylor Pfeiffer has been playing the banjo since she was seven. Now in her teens, Taylor is making a name for herself in the music world. In this clip from Behind the News, find out what inspired Taylor to take up the banjo and then learn a few banjo-playing techniques. And if you're really daring, try yodelling along with ...

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The music of James Blake

James Blake is a successful songwriter, producer and musician. Join him in an interview with ABC presenter Fenella Kernebone when he visited Australia in 2011. James talks about his musical influences and how his work has changed over the years.

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The voice of the violin

Internationally acclaimed violinist Joshua Bell once said, 'When you play a violin piece, you are a storyteller, and you're telling a story.' In this ABC Open clip, listen as Australian Robert Zielinski and Frenchman Jeremie Legrand share their stories about the violin in traditional Irish music.

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Masonik: bringing music and video together

Masonik is a group of artists who combine music, electronics and visual imagery to create a range of fascinating artworks. Watch and listen as the group performs an excerpt from its piece 'Xanah' on Radio National TV.

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Layering music with Neil Rabinowitz

There are many ways to compose and arrange music. Watch how music producer Neil Rabinowitz goes about the process of 'layering' to create complex music pieces.

Teacher resource

Through my own eyes: a self-portrait - teacher resource

This resource for teachers is a visual arts unit that leads to a resolved two-dimensional self-portrait on paper. The unit combines the techniques of drawing and painting and explores the concept of a personal environment. It is in four parts: exploring examples of portraits by artists across history; developing line-drawn ...


Dance of Nature: The Music of Ross Edwards, 1995: Musical paralysis

This clip shows contemporary Australian composer Ross Edwards talking about the stifling effect of London on his creative process when he lived in England in the 1970s. In a voice-over and speaking directly to camera, Edwards discusses how he overcame this creative paralysis by developing a new relationship with nature ...


Clifton Pugh, 1988: 'Look and put'

This clip shows Australian artist Clifton Pugh describing his approach to landscape painting. Pugh, who states that he views his work as being purely subjective, explains how his paintings are a composite of what he sees in the landscape rather than an accurate replication. He argues that this approach offers a form of ...