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Forensics track drugs back to their origin

Scientists are helping police to identify the place of origin of illicit drugs that arrive on Australian shores. Watch this clip to find out how scientific analysis, computer databases and police investigation are used together to determine the source of drugs such as cocaine. Discover that international efforts are involved ...

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Nuclear fusion meets the circus

Merge the nuclei of hydrogen atoms in a fusion reaction and what do you get? Energy and lots of it! Could nuclear fusion provide a safe, sustainable energy source? That's the goal of scientists at the JET nuclear facility in England. They're on their way but have some serious challenges to overcome. See what they are and ...

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The radioactivity of everyday things

Everyday products that contain radioactive elements such as radium may also be radioactive. Elements like uranium and radium become radioactive when the nucleus of the atoms undergoes radioactive decay. In this clip, a scientist challenges people to identify which products, such as brazil nuts and a smoke alarm, are radioactive. ...

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This learning object provides simple animations that illustrate the nature of paper, water and the structure of the atom. There is a self test and also ideas for further research. These are accompanied by a timeline of discoveries about the atom, and a pdf document ‘Nanotechnology’. The object requires Adobe Flash Player ...

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Reacting to emergencies

Operate controls for a simulated nuclear reactor. Regulate coolant flow and position of control rods. Respond to mechanical failures and other emergencies. Ensure safe operation and avoid a meltdown. This learning object is one in a series of two learning objects.