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Chinese gardener, 1930

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken at Toorale station near Bourke in outback New South Wales, of a Chinese man holding a large cauliflower. More cauliflowers are growing in a garden behind him.


Graeme Dunstan and Buddhism

This clip is about how and why Graeme Dunstan adopted Buddhism in the 1980s. Seated in the room where he first experienced Buddhist meditation, Dunstan speaks about how difficult it was and the feelings he experienced. He then explains that Buddhism as a philosophy and a code of moral practice appealed to him when he took ...

Teacher resource

Activities: History, Episode 4 - Religion

This resource for History teachers is focused on the place of religion and spirituality in Australia. It supports a set of short excerpts from Episode 4 of 'The Making of Modern Australia', a 2010 ABC television documentary series. This series investigates the social and political history of postwar Australia through the ...

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Sitting and listening

A pre-service teacher recognises that she must use a range of teaching strategies to respond to the age and learning characteristics of her students. She plans her lesson in short spans to take account of their cognitive and physical characteristics, realising that too much sitting and listening would be inappropriate. ...