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Listed under:  Arts  >  Art movements  >  Impressionism  >  Australian impressionism

'The Heidelberg School' panel from the Federation Tapestry, 2001

This is a tapestry panel designed by artist Murray Walker. The background is white and pale pink. There are portraits of artists Tom Roberts (at left) and Arthur Streeton (at right) as young men. At left is the cover of the catalogue from the 9 x 5 Impression exhibition of 1889. At the bottom is an extract from Joseph Furphy's ...


'The opening of the first Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia by H.R.H. the Duke of Cornwall and York (later H.M. King George V), 9 May 1901', 1903

This oil painting by Tom Roberts depicts the opening of the first Parliament of Australia at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne on 9 May 1901. The bearded man in military uniform who is on the stage in the centre of the image is the Duke of Cornwall and York. Members and officers of the new parliament, and some ...


'Early morning, Heidelberg'

This is a horizontal format oil painting, measuring 45.0 cm x 91.7 cm, by Walter Withers (1854-1914). The subject is a semi-rural landscape with buildings. It is early morning and the sun is rising from behind the viewer and shining directly onto the hat and apron of a woman standing by a fence. A scatter of chickens near ...


'The silent bush', 1939

This is a landscape painting, measuring 62.5 cm x 77.8 cm, by Lloyd Rees (1895-1988). It was painted in 1939 and shows a small section of bushland in which there is a small clearing with some rocks and a large bush. Tall slender trees stand on either side of the clearing, creating an entrance that invites the eye to pass ...


'Golden summer, Eaglemont', 1889

This large oil painting by Arthur Streeton is of the rolling countryside along the Yarra River valley east of Heidelberg in Melbourne, looking towards the Dandenong Ranges. It depicts a late summer afternoon, so the sun casts long shadows from behind the viewer onto an expanse of dried-out pasture. On the right a magpie ...


'From McMahon's Point - fare one penny', 1890

This is an oil painting by Arthur Streeton of a view from McMahon's Point across Lavender Bay to Milson's Point and Sydney Harbour in Sydney. From a high vantage point the view is down onto a house roof with a black cat on it, a child in a sailor suit sitting with a toy yacht amid some scrub, and a coal-burning ferry belching ...


The selector's hut (Whelan on the log), 1890

This oil painting by Arthur Streeton shows a man sitting astride a huge tree that he has just felled and from which he has been cutting firewood. Partly silhouetted against the sky above a low flat horizon, he smokes a pipe, his axe resting against the trunk behind him and a broad-brimmed hat shading him from the midday ...


'In the morning, Alpes Maritimes from Antibes', 1890-91

This is an oil painting by John Peter Russell of a view from a hilltop across a stretch of bright green and blue water to the opposite shore, where purple hills rise in front of snow-covered mountains. The hilltop is covered with yellow grass and littered with pink rocks, and the view is partly obscured by clumps of head-high ...