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Listed under:  Science  >  Earth and space  >  Landforms  >  Coasts  >  Beaches

Photograph of people on Balmoral Beach, 1921

This is a small black-and-white photograph of ten adults and children posing onSydney's Balmoral Beach in 1921. Loretta (Laurie) Quirk is second from right wearing a neck-to-knee bathing suit.


Shark teeth

This is an information sheet about different types of fossil shark teeth that are occasionally found on Victorian beaches. It is also available as a one-page pdf file for download.


John Ellerbock smoking cigarette on boat, with family, Mordialloc, 1960

This is a black-and-white photograph showing the Ellerbock family on a boat at Mordialloc. John Ellerbock is smoking a cigarette while surrounded by his children Ingrid, Herb, Anna and John Jr. The photograph was taken in 1960. The image is a digital scan of the original photograph.


Family sitting on beach by shade tent, 1964

This is a colour photograph of the Winstone family sitting on the beach at Dromana in 1964, with a striped shade tent. From left to right are Kaye, Jeff, Neil, Hazel (the mother) and Susan. They are wearing swimming costumes. Peter, the father, took the photograph. The image is a digital scan of the original photograph.


Akhurst and Kitz families picnicking at Red Bluff, Point Ormond, 1897

This is a black-and-white or sepia photograph featuring the Akhurst and Kitz families at Red Bluff, Point Ormond, at Elwood in 1897. The Akhurst and Kitz families were very close at this time. From left to right we see, in the foreground: Alice Akhurst, probably Paul Kitz jnr, Sidney Akhurst, Frida Akhurst, Beatrice Akhurst, ...


Cornish family at Dromana beach with parasols, 1927

This is a black-and-white photograph featuring the Cornish family at the beach in Dromana in 1927. The nine adults and nine children in this group are dressed in bathing costumes, and many wear bathing caps. Three large parasols (light sun umbrellas) are being held by women at the back of the group. A long pier is visible ...


Christine and Stephen Kendall sitting in camping chairs, Phillip Island, 1973

This is a scan of an original black-and-white photograph taken at Phillip Island in February 1973l. It shows Christine Kendall and Stephen Kendall relaxing in chairs outside their aunt Glenys Gregg's caravan annexe, drinking soft drinks. This photograph was collected as part of Melbourne's Biggest Family Album in 2006.


Patricia Von Sonnewald with her dogs beside the family car at Black Rock, 1946

This is a sepia photograph of Patricia Von Sonnewald, beside the family car, with her English setter dogs at Black Rock beach, Melbourne, in 1946.


Children at the beach with a wooden surf ski, 1972

This is a black-and-white photograph featuring some of the Liddell family - Shane, Craig, Bernadette and Maree - and their cousin Mary Wade in the shallows at Carrum Beach, Melbourne in 1972. Four of the children stand behind a wooden surf ski in the shallow sea water. The youngest child sits on the surf ski and holds up ...


Harbour swimming, Manly, 1960

This is a colour photograph depicting young children diving off a special apparatus at Manly Beach. The photograph was taken by Bill Brindle, who worked for the Australian News and Information Bureau. It is part of an online showcase called 'Summers Past'. Information about this particular item can be located in its educational ...


Sea monster, 1962 - asset 1

This is an excerpt taken from an item in a 1962 black-and-white newsreel with soundtrack, produced by Cinesound Productions and titled 'Tasmanian sea monster'. The introductory screen features the text 'Spotting the News / CINESOUND REVIEW' superimposed over an image of multiple cameras with film cans that are labelled ...


'Pounding seas bring novelty in their wake', 1950 - asset 1

This is a clip from silent footage prepared as part of the production process of a segment to be included in the 30 June 1950 weekly episode of Movietone News, a black-and-white newsreel. The clip begins with the title screen 'NEWPORT, N.S.W. / POUNDING SEAS BRING NOVELTY IN THEIR WAKE / MOVIETONE NEWS'. Sets of waves are ...


'Pounding seas bring novelty in their wake', 1950 - asset 2

This is a clip from silent footage prepared as part of the production process of a segment to be included in the 30 June 1950 weekly episode of Movietone News, a black-and-white newsreel. The clip features huge quantities of foam created by pounding waves that have ravaged the beach at Newport near Sydney. Small children ...

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Yulunga: epoo korio

Epoo korio was a wrestling game of the Kiwai people of Papua and some people in the northern parts of the Torres Strait Island region. This is a team game in which attackers attempt to knock over a mound of sand and defenders try to stop them. The level of physical contact is controlled. The Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous ...

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Yulunga: meetcha kambong

A wrestling game of the Noongar people of the southwest of Western Australia was called meetcha kambong (‘nut game’) or boojur kombang (‘ground game’). In the Swan district it was called boojoor-eleeja. A team beaten at this game might resume the contest in a month or so. A ‘wrestling’ game where attacking players attempt ...

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Coastal adaptation: the beach

This resource is a video about the importance of the beach to Australian culture and lifestyle, and the impact of unavoidable climate change on the coastal areas of Australia. It describes the changes to natural coastal processes, increased coastal erosion and loss of beach width that have occurred as consequences of climate ...

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What's in the rock pools?

Have you ever been to the beach and explored rock pools? What did you see in them? Join Tom and his family as they go looking for sea creatures in rock pools. What are some of the animals they find? Have you ever seen a crab at the beach? Can you move like a crab?

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Features of places - Beaches

In this sequence of 6 activities, students explore the natural and human features of beaches and develop an understanding of the way coastal areas are used for leisure, recreation and sport.