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Prime ministers of Australia

This website contains biographies of Australia’s prime ministers up to John Howard. Each biography includes information about the prime minister and his terms in office and includes major events and milestones, activities beyond politics and pieces of legislation implemented.


'Life at the Top: A Week with Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser', 1977

These are two clips of television documentary footage showing some typical activities of Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser during one week in 1977. The first clip shows Malcolm Fraser at home after a 14-hour day socialising with his family. The second clip presents the prime minister eating lunch with steel workers in Wollongong, ...


'Menzies in Profile', 1964

These are three clips of archival footage providing a biographical sketch of Sir Robert Gordon Menzies. The first clip tells the story of the Menzies family and of Robert's school education and awards. The second clip covers the period of his first prime ministership in the early 1940s. The third clip shows Menzies in his ...


'Mister Prime Minister - Joseph Aloysius Lyons', c1966

These are two clips of television documentary footage describing the rise to power in the federal parliament of Joseph (Joe) Lyons (1879-1939) who was prime minister of Australia from 1932 to 1939. The first clip focuses on the period immediately leading up to Lyons becoming prime minister in 1932 and the second on the ...


Australian biography: Sir Marcus Oliphant, 1991

'Sir Marcus Oliphant' is an excerpt from the program 'Sir Marcus Oliphant' (26 min), an episode of 'Australian biography' series one (7 x 26 min), produced in 1991. The 'Australian biography' series profiles some of the most extraordinary Australians of our time. Many have had a major influence on the nation's cultural, ...


Autobiography of a flood survivor

Imagine if the town or suburb you live in came under threat due to a natural disaster. How would you react? Shelby Garlick from Kerang, Victoria, was a finalist of the 2012 Heywire storytelling competition for young people. Listen to her inspiring story and explore the lessons she learnt as a result of working with her ...

Moving Image

The voice of Albert Facey

Albert Facey's 'A Fortunate Life' is one of Australia's best-loved autobiographies. Could it be Facey's 'voice' in his writing that touches the hearts of so many readers? Explore this clip to learn more about how the written word can capture the personality of a writer.


Masterpiece Special - Robyn Davidson, 1996: The writer's craft

This clip shows part of an interview with the Australian writer Robyn Davidson conducted by Andrea Stretton, arts journalist and television presenter. Davidson talks about the writer's craft and the role of memory and imagination in writing, especially in relation to her book 'Tracks'. The interview takes place in a studio ...

Teacher resource

Values we admire in others - unit of work

This is a unit consisting of three activities extended over five lessons about the values set out in 'Nine values for Australian schooling' and how well-known Australians have enacted these values. The suggested teaching and learning strategies involve analysing each value, annotating a biography of Aboriginal footballer ...


National reconciliation week: further reading and resources

This is a 13-page PDF file presenting a list of 43 books and films that explore the history, stories and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across different times and walks of life. The comprehensive list includes autobiographies, personal stories and reflections, fiction and non-fiction books ...