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Listed under:  Economics and business  >  Marketing  >  Branding

Simpson's Gloves labels, c1930-75

These are four Simpson's Gloves product labels. They are made of circular gold-coloured card, with cotton thread tags for attaching to products. The labels are printed with 'Simpson's' in red followed by 'TRADITIONAL QUALITY' in black. Each label has a diameter of 64 mm.


Advertising sign for 'Gillespie's Celebrated Buffalo Boots', 1875-1916

This is a point-of-sale advertising sign made for C Gillespie by John Sands Ltd, Sydney, at some time between 1875 and 1916. The sign was displayed at a store run by Sat and Amelia Wong near Crookwell in New South Wales. It is in portrait format on thick card with a light-green background, a colour illustration of a buffalo ...

Interactive resource

Innovation cycle: sell

Look at processes and skills needed to sell products. Explore a case study on the sales of Victa lawn mowers in Australia. See how the innovators marketed their products for over 50 years. Investigate possible distribution channels for a new tent. Choose the method best suited to the marketing requirements (informative, ...


Speedo swimwear, 1992

This is a colour advertisement for Speedo swimwear produced in 1992. It shows a female swimmer from the US swimming team wearing a Speedo costume and adjusting her goggles before a race. The headline is 'THE SPEEDO - S2000'. The body copy is made up of a number of bullet points providing information about the unique qualities ...


Splayds cutlery - asset 1

This is a colour photograph featuring Splayds, a cutlery item invented in Sydney in 1943 by William McArthur. The photograph shows four Splayds displayed diagonally - three have their forked ends pointing upwards towards the left and one has its forked end pointing downwards towards the right. Made of highly polished silver ...


Victa logo, 1966-2002

This is a logo for Victa lawnmowers designed in 1966. It has a white background with the company name brand, 'Victa', in large navy-blue text. The sentence, 'Turns grass into lawn', runs across the bottom of the word 'Victa' in smaller black capital letters.


Sales promotion leaflet for Victa dealers, 1970 - asset 1

This is a page from the Victa dealers’ leaflet of 1970. The page contains a large graph in the top left corner. There are three columns of text with large headings such as 'Advertise Now', describing the sales process. The fictional Victa representative, 'Lawna Green', is shown in a variety of poses around the text.


Victa colour logo campaign, 2002

This is the colour logo used by Victa in its 2002 campaign. It features large, gleaming gold capitals that state, 'Victa 50 years' while below, in smaller white capital letters, is the sentence, 'Leaders in lawncare since 1952'. The background features what looks like green lawn at the top, gradually fading through grey-blue ...


Sales promotion leaflet for Victa dealers, 1970 - asset 2

This is an advertising leaflet for Victa lawnmowers from 1970. The page shows three panels featuring 'Lawna Green', the fictional Victa representative. In the first panel, she is shown in a dancing pose, with a triangle in the background depicting the anticipated rise in sales expected for February. In the second and third ...


Thursday Plantation tea-tree oil products

This is a range of Thursday Plantation tea-tree oil products: shampoo, hair conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste and soap. The packaging of each product is in white, lemon yellow and dark blue, and displays the Thursday Plantation logo, which depicts a tea-tree.


Making Venus, 2002: It's all image

This clip shows the board outside the new Sydney premises of film production company Tomahawk Pictures. The camera follows producer Jason Gooden on a tour of the office, during which he comments on the importance of a 'prestigious' office and its symbolic function for his amateur team. Tomahawk Pictures is in the process ...


Australia Post - Animation, c1988: FaxPost

This clip shows a television advertisement for Australia Post filmed in the streets of Sydney from the point of view of a motorcycle driver travelling at high speed. The soundtrack contains only the sound of the bike. The advertisement's message is given in white subtitles, telling viewers not to drive dangerously as communications ...


Australia Post - Meeting the Challenge, 1988: Motivation to compete

This clip shows images of large modern fast delivery vehicles, including spacecraft, as presenter Michael Talbot, then acting deputy state manager of Australia Post in New South Wales, explains that the commercial challenges and competition faced by the recently corporatised Australia Post amount to a 'battle'. Dramatic ...


Australia Post - We deliver 1, 1988; Corporate image

This clip shows black-and-white and colour footage of historic postal delivery methods, both real and re-created, and contemporary colour footage of electronic transmissions conducted by Australia Post staff in smart corporate uniforms. Images of postal machinery and busy postal workers accompanied by an upbeat corporate ...


Life Savers, Cryst-O-Mint Flavour, 1925: Lifesaving

This clip shows a silent black-and-white cinema advertisement for Life Saver sweets. It opens with a shot of a poster advertising Life Savers. The remainder of the poorly conserved footage comprises the narrative of a rescue from the water of a woman who has feigned drowning in order to attract the attention of a male lifesaver. ...


Life Savers, Cryst-O-Mint Flavour, 1925: Factory visit

This clip shows part of a silent black-and-white advertisement for Life Saver sweets. The clip opens with Williams and Betty entering her father's 'Mint Products Company' building in New York City. Their story is punctuated by cuts back to Cudgy, Betty's unrequited lover, letting down the tyres of Williams's sports car. ...


Australia Post - Changing Times, 1975: The end of an era

This black-and-white television advertisement shows historic images of communications development in Australia prior to 1975, and a narrator informs the Australian public of the creation of two new commissions, Australia Post and Telecom Australia. Early images, including the first Australian stamp and a rural post office, ...

Teacher resource

MoneySmart: The house of needs and wants

This is a unit of work integrating aspects of the mathematics, English and science curriculums around planning a school breakfast. The unit was written for year 3 and is intended to take about 12 hours. It consists of 11 student activities supported by teacher notes on curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. Student activities ...