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Listed under:  Technologies  >  Industrial arts  >  Cabinetmaking

Bakelite Airzone mantle radio, 1938

This is an Airzone model 5057 'Symphony Leader' radio receiver. The radio cabinet is in a brown bakelite 'tombstone' form with a large circular frequency dial and four brown knobs below the dial. The speaker grille has three segments, which are outlined with rigid, white plastic fittings. Brown-and-white speckled fabric ...


Bookcase, c1880

This is a free-standing pine bookcase, measuring 251 cm x 110 cm x 52 cm, made by an unknown craftsman in about 1880. The base incorporates two drawers and a double-door cupboard. The upper part has bookshelves that have been set behind glass-panelled doors. The timber used in its construction is Huon pine, which has a ...


Tilt-top table, 1878

This is a spectacular round-topped wooden table made in Adelaide in the later part of the 19th century. It is quite large, measuring 76.5 cm x 135.5 cm in diameter, and could seat a number of people, but is generally regarded as having been made as a display or feature item. The deep undulating skirting that runs beneath ...


Writing bureau, c1865

This is a writing bureau, or secretaire, made by Anton Seuffert (1815-87) in Auckland around 1865. It is constructed of various native New Zealand timbers, including kauri, püriri, rewarewa, tötara, rimu and kohekohe. It consists of a table and drawer, with a cabinet attached to its top. On the central door panel, the marquetry ...


Governor Macquarie’s gothic revival armchair, c1821

This is an armchair (one of a pair) made in the gothic revival style for Governor Lachlan Macquarie and his wife Elizabeth. Its making is attributed to convicts John Webster (carver) and William Temple (cabinetmaker) in New South Wales, Australia, between late 1820 and early 1822. It is made of rose mahogany ('Dysoxylon ...