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Crusca family and friends eating panettone at dinner table, 1960

This photograph is of the Crusca family dinner table in 1960. There is a panettone on the table. Included in the picture are Ofelia Crusca (at left), Salva Crusca (middle), Tommaso Crusca, Mrs Lazzarotti and her son Frank. This image was collected as part of the museum's 'Melbourne's Biggest Family Album' project in 2006. ...

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Piece of cake

What makes some cakes light and fluffy and others dense and heavy? Watch this clip to see how to make a cake with a light, fluffy texture. Find out the role of ingredients such as sugar, butter, flour and eggs. And see why baking powder might be a useful ingredient to add to your cake mix.


A Day in a Biscuit Factory, 1932: 'Served by discerning hostesses'

This clip shows a range of manufacturing activities taking place at the Swallow and Ariell biscuit factory in Melbourne in 1932. Almost all the scenes in the clip depict female workers engaged in the production or decoration of biscuits, cakes or other 'dainty confectionary'. The tasks include operating light machinery, ...

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Evolution of a classic: ice cream mooncakes

This is a web page that includes background information, a hyperlink to the China and Globalisation website, and a 4-minute video presenting how Haagen-Dazs ice-cream mooncakes are becoming popular as an alternative to the customary form of mooncake eaten during the traditional mid-autumn festival. The video also highlights ...


Choice: groceries

This is a web page providing reviews of various grocery products and results of taste comparison tests. It covers sausages, bread, liquid breakfasts, breakfast cereals, Christmas puddings, cake mix, frozen fish and salad dressing as well as looking at Stevia sugar substitute and the major steps beef goes through from the ...

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Kitchen science

There are many different chemical reactions at work when we cook food. Watch this video to discover how some chefs have turned their kitchens into laboratories to experiment with food to create the perfect dish!