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Interactive Resource

Languages online: Indonesian section 26: days and months

This set of nine interactive activities from the Languages online resource helps students practise the days of the week and the months of the year. The main language points are asking and saying what day it is, saying what people do on a particular day, saying which months birthdays fall in and saying that a special event ...

Interactive Resource

Languages online: Indonesian section 27: saying the date

This set of nine interactive activities from the Languages online resource helps students practise saying and writing dates. The key language points addressed in the activities are asking and saying what the date is and the date of a particular occasion, including the language structure for talking about birthdays. In addition, ...

Moving Image

Celebrating a new baby

Have you ever visited a new baby? Come along with Levi as he meets his baby sister for the first time. Find out why people get so excited when a new baby arrives. Find out how families let people know about a new baby.

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Goodies from Greece for a New Year feast in 1983

See how a Greek family cooked traditional biscuits for their New Year feast in 1983. Stevie, his mother Maria and grandmother Martina, all work together. What will they hide in the cake for good luck?

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Festive feasts: foods for Christmas in 1983

Australians serve many different foods at Christmas time, and this often depends on where their families have come from. This clip from 1983 shows an English Christmas roast dinner and food for a traditional Italian Christmas feast. Do you eat any special foods at this time of year?

Moving Image

What's in a year?

You may know of the four seasons. In the southern parts of Australia the year is often divided up into spring, summer, autumn and winter. But what about other parts of Australia? Find out what seasons they have in northern Australia. See how the year is divided into months and shown as a calendar. You'll also see how many ...

Moving Image

Indigenous seasons across northern Australia

Aboriginal communities across northern and western Australia have helped to develop seasonal calendars based on their ecological knowledge. The calendars link meteorological patterns with changes in plant and animal life across the year.

Moving Image

Seasons with Dirtgirl!

Do you know how many seasons there are in a year? Watch this video as Dirtgirl explains the seasons in some countries. Did you know that in Australia there is more than one way of describing seasons? Find out what they are.

Interactive resource

Timetable: talent quest

Work out a program for the Antic Island talent quest. Find the date for the show by marking off dates on a calendar. Check the travel plans for each act and work out their earliest arrival times. Place each act into a timetable slot. Create the final program for the talent quest. This learning object is the first in a series ...

Interactive resource

Discovering democracy: we remember

View a slideshow of images and text to find out about the symbols used to represent Australia on flags, currency, sporting competitions and important days such as Australia Day. Complete a related task.

Teacher resource

Climate change and coral reefs: teacher guide

This teacher guide provides educators with comprehensive materials, classroom activities and ongoing opportunities for their students to understand, and act to reduce, the problem of climate change on coral reefs. The guide is intended for use with five video modules led by world-renowned coral biologist Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg ...


Nudibranch moving over sea floor

The colour photograph shows a 10-cm long nudibranch ('Phyllodesmium longicirrum'), a marine mollusc, on the sand and pebbles of the sea floor in Sulawesi, Indonesia. The animal has spots of brown algae in its skin.


Strings of cyanobacteria in ultraviolet light

This photograph of a filamentous cyanobacterium was taken with a microscope using ultraviolet light. Cyanobacteria are blue-green algae, but they have more in common with bacteria than with algae. They contain chlorophyll and a blue pigment and are photosynthetic.


Sustaining an ecosystem: collection 1

This is a collection of 19 digital curriculum resources that explore the flow of energy and matter in an ecosystem. The collection comprises 17 images and 2 video clips that highlight the role of decomposers and nutrients in an ecosystem. Students can investigate topics such as the factors that affect the rate of decomposition, ...

Teacher resource

Sustaining an ecosystem: teacher resource

This teacher resource provides a range of possible activities that cover aspects of the science continuum for the flow of energy and flow of matter in an ecosystem. This teaching resource provides a range of classroom activities that explore the concept of the flow of energy and flow of matter in an ecosystem, specifically ...

Teacher resource

Science in the news: learning strategy

This professional learning resource provides illustrations of how real-world examples of the application of science can be incorporated into teaching practice. For this learning strategy, science articles provide stimulus materials for developing students' understanding of important science concepts and processes related ...

Teacher resource

Flow of energy: concept map

This developmental concept map demonstrates the relationships between concepts as they relate to the flow of energy in ecosystems. The concepts include those that reflect simple understandings to more complex concepts that build on them. Each concept is contained within a box, with arrows connecting boxes to represent relationships ...


The coral bleaching process

This is a colour video clip demonstrating a phenomenon known as coral bleaching. The clip begins with footage of a vibrant coral reef with much fish life, followed by drab, bleached and dead reefs. There is footage of human activities such as driving cars, and also a computer-generated model showing coral bleaching and ...


Green tree ant

This is a colour photograph of a green tree ant ('Oecophylla smaragdina') showing its distinctive colouration. (Classification - Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Hexapoda, Order: Hymenoptera, Family: Formicidae.)


'National quest for Miss Australia', 1945 - asset 1

This is an excerpt taken from a segment about the Miss Australia Quest in the weekly episode of a black-and-white newsreel with sound, Cinesound Review, which was distributed to Australian cinemas from 1 June 1945. The excerpt shows five of the nine finalists of the Miss Australia Quest having their portraits drawn or painted ...