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Listed under:  Society  >  Social services  >  Child care

The Leaving of Liverpool, 1992: A new life

This clip, set in Liverpool, England, in the 1950s, shows an official at an orphanage addressing a group of children. He asks the children if they would like to keep the 'British flag flying' in distant lands and if they are 'ready for an adventure'. The children are instructed to form into three groups, depending on whether ...

Teacher resource

Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum

This Curriculum aims to support schools and teachers in the promotion of safety for all students. It includes lessons about personal safety and awareness, cyber-safety and telephone safety. The Curriculum is structured sequentially and developmentally across three phases of learning: Prep - Year 2, Years 3 - 6, and Years ...

Interactive resource

Day sky, night sky [no spoken instructions]

Identify objects in the sky such as clouds, planets and stars. Look closely at movements in the sky during the day and at night. Explore facts about celestial objects such as meteors and Moon phases. Build your own sky scene.

Interactive resource

Biography: Federation people: Charles Todd

Investigate the role played in Federation by astronomer and engineer Charles Todd and his Overland Telegraph. Examine two different types of biographies of Todd: one short and the other more detailed. Inspect examples of how he was visually depicted in his time. This learning object is one in a series of objects in the ...


Founders' Day at a Barnardo's home

This is an excerpt from a 1920 silent film entitled 'Founders' Day at Barnardo's homes'. It begins with the title and the intertitle, 'The Archbishop of Armagh and Sir George Reid attend the annual celebrations at the Girl’s [sic] Village Home, Barkingside.'. It shows people arriving by horse and carriage and children being ...


Future Australians at Melbourne Zoo - asset 1

This is an excerpt from a silent documentary film made in 1923 that was probably entitled 'Future Australians'. It shows boys who had travelled from England to Australia as immigrants, spending a day at the zoo. They are shown watching the hippos and monkeys and riding on an elephant and a miniature train. The excerpt is ...


Future Australians at Melbourne Zoo - asset 2

This is an excerpt from a silent documentary film made in 1923 which was probably entitled 'Future Australians'. It shows boys who had migrated from England to Australia, spending a day at the Zoo. They are shown watching the keeper feed the dingoes and the lions. The excerpt is introduced by the intertitle, 'The most popular ...


Women and children protesting in Albury, 1973

This is a black-and-white photograph taken on 23 October 1973 that shows women and children in Albury, New South Wales, demonstrating to demand a childcare centre. This photograph comes from the personal papers of Gough Whitlam, the Prime Minister at the time.


'Window into space', 1965 - asset 2

This is a clip taken from a 22-minute colour documentary developed by the Division of Radiophysics of the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in 1965 to explain the operation and work of the Parkes Radio Telescope in New South Wales. This clip shows several long-distance views ...


'Women's choice', 1975 - part 3 of 5

This is a clip from a colour television advertisement for the Australian Labor Party (ALP), called 'Women's choice'. It was made for screening prior to the federal election in December 1975, which followed the dismissal of the ALP government led by Gough Whitlam. The clip comprises close-up shots of an unidentified woman ...


Winners - On Loan, 1985: 'Why was I adopted?'

This clip shows Lindy (Marillac Johnston) walking along a beach with the man she now knows to be her birth father. He explains how she came to be given up by her Vietnamese mother and later adopted. Lindy and her adoptive family together with her birth father, Le (Quang Chinh Dinh), are later shown in the family's living ...


The Sun Worshippers, 1922: Preparing for the eclipse

This silent black-and-white clip shows a solar eclipse recorded at Wallal in Western Australia on 21 September 1922. It shows members of the Crocker Solar Eclipse Expedition just before the eclipse, checking telescopes and other equipment and loading cameras with slides. The clip includes intertitles that refer to this ...


Case 442, 2005: For what purpose?

This clip shows Frank Byrne recalling how he was removed from his mother as a child and sent to Moola Bulla reserve and then to Beagle Bay Mission in Western Australia. Frank looks at the file that details his removal, accompanied by Stolen Generations senior case workers Heather Shearer and Justin Howard, director Mitch ...


If Only, 2003: Facing the demons

This clip shows Georgina telling of her life as a ward of state and her daughter describing what a wonderful mother Georgina later became. It opens with Georgina revealing the effect of her mother's refusal to sign adoption papers. While looking for the house where she worked as a young adult, Georgina tells of the work ...

Teacher resource

Activities: History, Episode 1 - Childhood

This resource for History teachers is focused on a variety of childhood experiences in Australia, and also relates to childbearing and the women's movement. It supports a set of short excerpts from Episode 1 of 'The Making of Modern Australia', a 2010 ABC television documentary series. This series investigates the social ...


Gender equality analysis from The Conversation

This is a collection of 40+ articles about gender equality. It includes articles about women in corporate leadership, work-life balance for men and women, policy responses to domestic violence in South Africa, the implications of gender bias in higher education, role of childcare in promoting equality and others. The articles ...